‘Fresh & Fit’ Walter Weekes Gets ‘Exposed’ By Girlfriend, Amid Wanting To Abort The Baby, Chats and Phone Call Leaked Online

Walter Weekes from the ‘Fresh & Fit’ podcast is currently going viral on the internet. Walter’s phone call with his girlfriend has been leaked online, and people are now freaked out over the words he has used and how derogatory he sounds about the topic.

He has impregnated his girlfriend, and after careful consideration, his girlfriend decided to keep the baby. She also gave reasons because of her religion; she thinks abortion is a sin and if she’s pregnant, it’s because she wanted both of them to have a baby.

‘Fresh & Fit’ Gets ‘Exposed’ By Girlfriend, Amid Wanting To Abort The Baby

But Walter was sturdy about his decision, making her have an abortion. They consistently go back and forth about his views, and he states that she should just take the pill that doctors prescribe, and with that, she wouldn’t even have to go through the surgery.

Walter Weekes’s girlfriend was not happy with the decision, and she was not budging by what he was stating. Walter Weekes then stated that the baby might not even be his.

To which his girlfriend replied, “And you’re in a relationship.. you’re f*cking me for a month.. now I’m pregnant.. What does that mean?.. now I just think about it.. if you force me to kill the baby, then you’re a sin.” “Well, we already sinned by having s*x .. but it’s too late now.. you know,” is what Walter replied to her statement.

Their conversation exchange also brought light to a possible situation in which Walter Weekes might have been cheating on his girlfriend with four other women. Daisy, who is his girlfriend, got pretty defensive and took the action of leaking all their chats and calls online.

The chats between the two have also been leaked online which has quite a stir going on online.

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