‘Friendship Marriage’ Here’s What The New Relationship Trend In Japan Is All About

When it comes to Gen Z and their evolving approach to relationships, the range now extends from traditional marriage to marriages without intimacy or children. We’ve come a long way indeed. From hookups, and friends with benefits, to open relationships and more, there’s a variety of relationship styles out there.

‘Friendship Marriage’ Meaning

In Japan, there’s a growing number of people opting for marriages without the typical aspects like sexual intimacy or mushy stuff. It’s more akin to having a roommate to whom you’re legally bound. Even if they want to have children, they can do so through special means.

Marriages like these don’t fit into the traditional mold. People have better access to apartments and can balance their work and life better. This kind of marriage can be described as a platonic or friendship, where the partners might not be in love but are content staying together.

This type of marriage works well for the working people in Japan. Though it’s not conventional, it’s working for most who practice it. It’s like choosing a best friend to live with, share a house, and have fun with throughout life.

Legally agreed upon, it allows splitting expenses, dividing household chores, and handling basic life stuff together. It’s also popular among homosexual couples, asexual individuals, and mostly people from the LGBTQ+ community.

The South China Morning Post has confirmed legally that couples tend to live in this situation these days. Even if they are not cut out to be partners, they can be cut out to be good friends and someone to live together with!

Friendship marriage is all about marrying your friend and living together. According to conventional thought processes and something that is widely believed, a marriage cannot be sustained without friendship anyway. So, what’s better if you can get love and marriage in the same person?

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