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Best Frontend Frameworks of 2021 for Web Development

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Front-end development frameworks are many but choosing the best is a difficult decision. Whenever you search for the best frontend frameworks on Google, you get a big list of frameworks. While choosing a framework, you should be aware of your project requirements as it will assist you in making the right decision. Along with the needs, you must focus on your development team as well as UI and UX.

Your chosen framework should simplify the development process and provide the flexibility to developers in creating an intuitive and excellent UI/UX. You should also ask the professional developers to choose the best framework for your development needs. Best frontend development environments assist you in maintaining, updating and testing the apps easily.

According to Statista, “As of early 2021, 51.4% of developers used Node.JS and 35.1% used .NET framework for their development needs.”

Let’s check the best frontend frameworks of 2021 for web development:


It first appeared in 2011, but in 2013 it became an open-source framework. To solve the issue of the Facebook app occurred due to the increasing range of the network, an expert software engineer of Facebook named Jordan Walke built its (React) prototype. React is a JavaScript-based library. It is very user-friendly and assists beginners to understand the flow of development and provides them easy learning environment.

Therefore, as a beginner, if you want to come into React, then it will take just a few hours time to understand the basics. There are lots of features associated with React; however, one of the best features if Virtual DOM. Its virtual DOM is 1-way data binding. If we look at the learning difficulty of other frameworks, then React is the simplest to learn and understand. ReactJS Developer Salary in India in 2021 [For Freshers & Experienced]


Another highly popular framework that has wide reach among the developers is Vue.js. It was developed by Evan You, who was also involved in the development of AngularJS. Vue came in existence in 2014. What is the best thing about Vue is the JavaScript framework as well as its ease of development. It assists developers in getting a better and easier solution than AngularJS. Vue.JS is a 2-way binding.

It has good support from a growing community. It is smaller in size when compared to Angular and Reacts.js, Vue.JS is beginner-friendly so new developers can also leverage the advantages of using Vue.JS. It is a visual DOM, which makes it highly suitable for rapid web development.


Ember.js is an open-source as well as MVVM model framework. It is an ideal framework for you if you want to develop big multi-page applications. To use this framework, developers need to follow its architecture. Use of Ember.js is not easy; however, if you want to get the best front end framework for your web development, then it is the best suit for you. 

With APIs of this framework, you can easily simplify the complex functionalities in your web development. It is a fully-loaded front-end framework and highly stable due to its lots of features and functional capabilities. One of the functions of Ember.Js includes the use of Handlebars. Handlebars assist developers in updating the template on a regular time interval and assist developers in adding or removing data whenever required.


When we talk about the earliest frontend development framework, then it is jQuery. It was introduced in 2006. Since its inception, it is highly trusted by the developers and the whole tech world. jQuery has lots of features such as easy to use, simplicity, save the time of developers by minimizing the time to code big JS codes.

As it is the earliest frontend development environment, it offers big support from a vast community. Developers use jQuery to optimize the interactivity and functionality of a website. Previously it was not possible to design the mobile apps using jQuery; however, it is now possible with jQuery Mobile.

Therefore, jQuery has increased its range up to mobile devices. With jQuery, Mobile app developers utilize its HTML-5 based UI framework to create native mobile apps. Additionally, it supports multiple browsers and assists you to use the app on the same browser you have.


Angular is one of the globally used frontend web development frameworks. A big part of developers uses this across the world. To develop large-scale web apps, Angular is the best. It is a JavaScript-based web app framework. It was first launched in 2010. Angular is not as much as flexible as React. It is a full-blown JS framework that has everything in-built. However, not all developers like built-in facility for all functions, as they like to use different libraries and tools to improve the functionality.

It offers flexibility to the developers. Angular provides a wide range of features for web development that makes it unique from other frameworks available in the market. For real-time interaction between the Model and the View, it offers 2-way binding. In this way, even the minor changes will reflect in View, enabling developers to check the real-time changes. So, if you are looking for a development environment to design a single-page or multi-page web app, then Angular is the best choice for you.

Final Words

In this writing, we have described some of the best frontend frameworks of 2021 for web development. However, there are lots of other frameworks available such as Ember.Js, Backbone.js, Semantic-UI, Svelte, Foundation, and many others. However, the decision is complete depends on the development needs and user demand. JS-based frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue have high attention from the developers. You choose a framework that offers easy optimization, customization, better user interface, distinctive features, widgets, functional facilities, big community support and excellent look to your website.

As long as you decide a framework for your web development needs, you must check it with the expert developers then move towards it.

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