Blood-Curdling Video Of Gabriele Alves Shot Dead By Boyfriend Goes Viral; Here’s The Whole Case Explained

Crime never remains uncovered, as the culprit always leaves a trail behind, a lesson consistently taught to every police trainee. Currently, a blood-curdling video that is making the rounds on the internet has since become viral. Filmed by a Brazilian girl named Gabriele Alves just before she was fatally shot, allegedly by her boyfriend, it serves as a stark reminder of this reality.

Her boyfriend initially attempted to throw the police off his trail by concocting a fictitious story, claiming she was shot by two motorcycle-borne assailants. However, as the adage goes, a crime can never truly be hidden, and inevitably, the blood of the victim throws up the name of the murderer.

What happens in the Gabriele Alves video?

The spine-chilling video tragically captures the last moments of 23-year-old Gabriele Alves, as she films her boyfriend Diego brandishing a gun. Naively believing it to be a jest, Gabriele is heard chuckling, unaware of the impending horror. In a harrowing turn of events, the scene takes a lethal twist when Diego fires the gun, and Gabriele collapses, fatally wounded. This grim incident unfolded in the central city of Jatai, where the echoes of Gabriele’s laughter and her casual, unsuspecting words, ‘Go hun, do it. Wow, so delicious,’ are starkly juxtaposed with the gravity of her fate. The video then ends as abruptly as her life, after the fatal shot is fired.

Gabriele Alves

In a desperate attempt to evade justice, Diego transported Gabriele to a hospital, where doctors, upon arrival, declared her dead. When police were summoned by hospital officials to delve into the case, Diego persisted in his deception. He spun a tale for the authorities, claiming that as he and Gabriele Alves were riding together on a bike, they were ambushed by two assailants also on a motorcycle. According to his fabricated account, it was during this alleged encounter that Gabriele sustained the fatal injuries.

Police found a number of inaccuracies in Diego’s stories. Gabriele’s mother revealed that Diego had violent episodes of rage and had assaulted and robbed his previous girlfriend. Gabriele’s mother also revealed that her daughter was once hospitalized after Diego assaulted her. Gabriele wanted to end the relationship but always returned after her boyfriend promised to mend his ways.

Gabriele Alves Video

The truth surfaced swiftly once the police examined Gabriele Alves’ phone, which held the shocking video that starkly narrated the grim reality of her demise. The evidence was unequivocal. Further investigation led to the discovery of the 380 caliber handgun, which Diego had been carrying, found discarded near the location where he had parked his car outside the hospital. With the accumulating evidence against him, Diego was promptly detained, facing grave charges of murder.

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