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Galgotias University Students Protest Against ‘Urban Maxwell’ Triggered Meme Fest!

The internet is currently divided following a viral video that showed remarks by students from Galgotias University about Sam Pitroda, the Chair of the Indian Overseas Congress, regarding the ‘inheritance tax’.

As per Business Standard, this incident that has filled the entire nation with laughter took place in Greater Noida. Purposedly, the students of Galgotias University held a protest in Delhi. 

Galgotias University Students Rally With ‘Unclear’ Agenda Spark Meme Frenzy

When an AajTak reporter reached the protest site, he questioned the students engaged in the protests. The reporter asked the students the motive behind their protest and the message their placards conveyed. 

Students seemed clueless about the questions asked. While responses from other students were even funny and laughable. 

Thus, the video showcasing students’ response has gone viral all over the social media platforms. The video has also garnered funny reactions from netizens online. 

Meme Fest All Over the Internet 

When the students were questioned, their relies on were just a comedy of errors.

One student stated that his motive behind the protest was his desire for a developed India. However, he lacked the basic specifics. 

Another student acknowledged that he was clueless regarding the Congress manifesto. Several protestors even struggled to read what was printed on their placards. 

When a student was asked to read the slogan written on the placard, the student read ‘urban naxal’ as ‘urban maxwell.’

It seemed that the protest was made to touch a range of issues in the nation, such as women’s empowerment, urban naxalism, NaMo’s stand on mangalsutra and wealth redistribution, inheritance tax and many more. However, clarity remains elusive. 

Videos circulating on social media garnered mixed reactions. Some laughed while others their criticism and showed disappointment at the students’ lack of awareness.

Responses received from students even triggered a meme fest all over the internet. Take a look!

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