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Gambling industry in Malaysia

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Online gambling is popular today almost all over the world. Without exception, online gambling in Malaysia is equally developed. Malaysian online casinos have hundreds of top popular games available. However, besides the advantages, we must also consider the negative factors, such as the problem of gambling addiction.

Overview of Casinos & Gambling Malaysia

  • The best entertainment industry

If you are a longtime gambler, you know that the Malaysian casino industry is extremely developed. In fact, in Malaysia, the casino industry is already very profitable. It is even known to be one of the most popular industries in this country.

  • Interesting dynamics

The fact of the matter is that around 80% of gamblers in Malaysia are male (according to reliable statistics). That means it is not just men gambling in Malaysia. In fact, in Malaysia, there are also a significant number of women involved in gambling activities.

For men, they consider gambling as the first choice. Meanwhile, for women, instead of gambling, they mainly focus on bingo.

Most gamblers prefer to participate in online sports events. Therefore, there is no denying the popularity of these platforms in Malaysia. However, unlike teenagers, older people tend to enjoy playing slot games more.

  • Poker Millionaire

Poker is also very popular in Malaysia. Proof that “Poker Millionaire” has also appeared here.

  • Something about the casino dealer

You will need to consider the casino dealer, no matter what country you are gambling in. Practically both online and offline casino bookmakers in Malaysia make a lot of money.

The online gambling industry is growing, especially in Malaysia

  • Problem of gambling addiction

Although gambling is harmless, gambling addiction can get anyone into big trouble. Therefore, it is better to gamble for the purpose of entertainment instead of making profit.

The exact number of card-addicted gamblers is never published. However, according to general statistics, about 2% of direct gamblers have a serious addiction to gambling. Gambling addiction takes a huge toll on your life. That’s why you need to restrain yourself.

Therefore, Malaysian laws are very strict against gambling addiction. The proof is that the government is always trying to stop people addicted to gambling.

When you decide to play at online casinos in Malaysia, it is wise to stick to the rules. Don’t overlook the petty aspects and understanding the country’s laws is essential. Either way, the online gambling industry will continue to grow.

Are casinos legal in Malaysia?

In general, gambling online in Malaysia is illegal. Many Malaysians, however, can avoid prosecution by freely accessing online gambling sites from the comfort of their apartment.

The fact of the matter is that Malaysia has not yet issued any clear regulations regarding the prevention of online gambling. If you want to try online gambling in this country, you can find a way to set up an online account. You then need to fund your account via some available options like online deposit, direct bank transfer, and more.

You can withdraw your winnings via  online deposit or direct bank transfer too. However, the Malaysian government cannot track your online gaming transactions when you use a digital wallet.

In addition to table and card games, you also have extensive access to online football betting sites. In addition, many Malaysians still play gambling games via foreign bookies which accept Malaysians.

In general, gambling online in Malaysia is illegal

Malaysians are advised not to bet on Asian bookies to avoid prosecution and arrest. They also consider the European Union licensed online betting sites to be the best options.

In Malaysia, the local government does not license casinos for the purpose of combating gambling addiction. As a result, the only legal casino is the Casino de Genting Group’s integrated hillside resort.

In the last ten years, in Malaysia, gambling has developed in three main forms including online poker, online casino, and sports gambling system. Thanks to the development of technology, the appearance of online casinos has greatly influenced the gambling habits of many people. It also has a major impact on individual gambling vehicles.

Are Gambling Winnings Taxed in Malaysia?

It is correct to say that each country has its own set of tax laws, including for gambling. No matter which country you gamble in, you must consider your country’s tax laws.

The question of tax law in Malaysia is always an important one to consider. Fortunately, winnings are not taxed in Malaysia. That means if you win 2 million ringgit, you will take home 2 million ringgit without paying tax on it.

You will also not be penalized if you do not declare your winnings. In fact, almost no one declares the awards won at the Internal Revenue Department in Malaysia, only earned income is taxable in Malaysia.

How does online gambling boost the gambling industry in Malaysia

Not the same as traditional gambling, online gambling brings convenience to gamblers. In many countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, playing sports cards online is not prohibited. However, it is still banned in many countries, including Malaysia.

There is no denying that the continued proliferation of smartphones and tablets is simultaneously driving the growth of online gambling. Thus, the online gambling industry is growing day by day. In fact, a lot of people are spending a lot of time gambling on their mobile phones.

Not the same as traditional gambling, online gambling has reduced many possible risks for players

According to studies, mobile gambling apps give users a better gambling platform. As a result, casino games have become more accessible to many people, especially for tenneger.

Thanks to using mobile gambling websites and apps, users can play at online casinos around the world that allow players to gamble for real money. Therefore, it is not surprising that the online gambling industry has overtaken land-based gambling over the years.

On the other hand, mobile gambling platforms are preferred over land-based casinos as they provide players with reliable statistics so they can calculate efficiently before placing bets.

In general, with so many advantages, online gambling has motivated gamblers to easily change their gambling habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Malaysia actively preventing gambling?

The Malaysian government stipulates that Islam is the official religion of the country. Since the majority of their people are Muslims, Sharia Law, also known as Islamic Law, is very much applied in this country. Sharia law prohibits Muslims from gambling.

2. Can you play at Malaysia mobile casinos with ringgits?

Many overseas casinos cater to Malaysians and Malaysian authorities will find it difficult to track them down.

These online casino games sites usually accept Ringgit (MYR). Therefore, you will not have much trouble finding an online casino that supports MYR deposits.

Of course, also many websites do not accept MYR. In this case, all you need to do is convert MYR to a popular world currency before you deposit.

3. How do I choose quality Malaysian online casinos?

The best way to choose a reputable online casino is to thoroughly check the online casinos before deciding to place your money.

  • Check out reviews
  • Visit casino watchdog sites
  • Make sure the bonus deals are fair
  • Do not deposit until you are absolutely sure

4. Will I be prosecuted for using an online casino in Malaysia?

It is true to say that you will not need to worry unless you are one of the operators of gambling sites in Malaysia.

The fact of the matter is that the authorities are targeting only a handful of individuals operating betting sites in Malaysia. However, it seems that the authorities have not had effective measures against overseas casinos as well as local online gamblers. They mainly prosecute those who operate online gambling sites within this national territory.

However, no one can guarantee that you will not be caught playing online gambling in Malaysia. In general, the goal of the authorities is not to prosecute players. However, you should play at foreign mobile casinos.


All in all, in Malaysia, there are no government-approved online casinos, therefore, online casinos established in Malaysia are illegal. However, if you want to play at online casinos, you can play at overseas casinos that accept Malaysians.

Although online gambling is recognized as illegal in Malaysia, the government cannot take any radical measures to completely ban online gambling.

Banks restrict transactions to and from online gambling sites, which is why Malaysian players prefer to use the services of overseas casinos where currency trading includes the US Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit.

Online casinos are banned in Malaysia. But playing at overseas bookies is not prohibited. However, the government tries to restrict their access.

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