GIBXChange: The world’s Best Digital Asset Exchange Shortlisted in Forex Awards Nominations 2021

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GIBXChange, the world’s best digital asset exchange covering forex, has been shortlisted in the Forex Awards Nominations  2021 contest held by Forex Awards.

GIBXChange is nominated as Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2021, Best Cryptocurrency and Forex Exchange 2021, Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2021,Best Trading Application 2021, and Best Trade Executions 2021.

Forex Awards Nominations is a world-renowned annual exchange awards ceremony. Every year, candidate exchanges are selected from the world’s important exchanges, and then the best exchanges are selected from multiple dimensions through voting. This year’s selection results will be announced early next year. Forex Awards Nominations has strict requirements on candidate and winning exchanges. The entire process has a set of scientific norms and standards. The exchanges that are shortlisted and win out in the competition every year are well-known in the industry. GIBXChange’s being invited to be shortlisted reflects the fact that the platform’s excellent product services, outstanding technological capabilities, operational compliance and global operations has received the attention and recognition of the industry.

GIBXChange, a subsidiary of AFF, is an international comprehensive Internet brokerage firm created by GIB Global Investment Bank & Capital Trust. An international integrated digital asset exchange under GIB serves as Liquidity  Provider(LP).

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As a global digital asset exchange that covers forex, GIBX provides over 200 global mainstream financial products in which to invest with one click, including but not limited to forex, futures, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, etc. With only one account, users can choose diversified investment products of his/her own choice.

The comprehensive use of digital technologies makes transaction smart and profit optimized. The newly upgraded seventh-generation transaction engine system is used to ensure the safety, stability and smoothness of transactions;the self-developed AI arbitrage system combines different investment products to create portfolio dynamically and smartly, with transaction risks reduced and transaction goals achieved.

All businesses on the GIBX conform to laws and regulations. GIBX has financial licenses issued by international AAA-level financial authorities, related to asset management and digital assets, such as cryptocurrency, digital banking, and blockchain, for example, AUSTRAC(Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre), the digital banking license by DCRA, FinCen MSB issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury, NFA license, FCA license, etc.As a financial trading platform regulated by international authorities, GIBX strictly follows all rules and regulations and uses reliable risk management solutions to ensure the safety of users’ capital.

At the same time, GIBX has established clearing data centers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, the United States and other regions, connected to the global Internet network and providing the best liquidity solutions in the financial market. GIBX has teamed up with world-renowned cryptocurrency platforms and top liquidity providers, including but not limited to: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs etc. in order to provide users a more transparent and convenient trading experience. 

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Being shortlisted for the Forex Awards Nominations 2021 is another example of GIBXChange’s commitment to innovation of product and service, promotion of high-quality development of the whole industry, and enabler of investors to achieve investment goals. It is worth noting that GIBXChange launched GIBX Swap officially on September 14th, a global decentralized trading platform focusing on mainstream cryptocurrencies and the pioneer and leader of its kind. On September 16th, GIBX Swap started trading. On the day of listing, its prices soared impressively. As the best decentralized exchange, GIBX Swap features decentralized technologies with its brand-new block chain trading underlying platform, new generation of trading contract and cross-chain decentralized exchange, and complete business model with asset safety, market liquidity, trading fairness, ecological openness and transaction experience. It aims to become the benchmark for DEX platforms and the leading DEX platform for token swaps.

GIBXChange hopes to create a new era of investment and a new future of wealth with investors through its high-quality products and services.

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