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Tanzanian Singer Gigy Money Goes Viral On Twitter, and Telegram Because Of Her Scandalous Leaked Video



Tanzanian Singer Gigy Money Goes Viral On Twitter, and Telegram Because Of Her Scandalous Leaked Video

Gigy Money whose real name is Gift Stanford Hoshua is a singer from Tanzania. She has made loads of contributions to the music industry. She has a sizeable fan base all around. Not only is she a singer but also a social media influencer and an entrepreneur.

Some of her famous works in under the genre of Bongo Flava and Amapiano. She is a recognized singer by video vixen. Gigy Money Entertainment is a record label that she runs under her name, the company handles media production, talent management, event management, and more.

Tanzanian Singer Gigy Money Leaked Viral Video On Twitter, Telegram

Recently Gigi was put in a compromised spot as one of her private videos went viral and it created a controversy among her fans online. Her fans are currently in the middle of the speculation that is going on about her, they are also voicing their thoughts regarding the leak online.

Tanzanian Singer Gigy Money
Image Credit: @gigy_money_og/Instagram

The viral video has raised a lot of concerns among her fans. There are ongoing speculations and heated debates all over social media among her fans and followers regarding this. All of them have different opinions on the video leak issue.

The video leak is a firm reminder to all of us about privacy concerns and data mishandling in the digital era and how it can create a scandal online. However, the content of the video has not been revealed yet. But is known to be very explicit and something that requires a trigger warning to watch.

As Gigy’s career mostly depends on her social media presence this leak could either take a dip or be a hit to her account and follower engagement. Gigy has not made a statement regarding this scandalous incident as of yet. But this is a reminder to everyone about being mindful before posting anything on social media.

Tanzanian Singer Gigy Money Viral Video
Image Credit: @gigy_money_og/Instagram

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