Global Running Day 2021: Date, Significance and Celebrations of The Day Dedicated to Running

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Global Running Day 2021: Date, Significance and Celebrations of The Day Dedicated to RunningImage is for representational purpose only (Photo Credits: Good Free Photos)

Running – it is an exercise that has a liberating feeling about it that cannot be put into words. A simple way of working out that has been loved and practised by most of us from a young age, running as a sport needs more recognition. Global Running Day celebration is a way of ensuring that this happens. Celebrated every year on the first Wednesday of June, Global Running Day 2021 will be commemorated on June 3. The celebration often includes the organisation of various marathons, 10K runs and other activities that motivates people of all ages to head out and run. Global Running Day 2021: Motivational Running Quotes With HD Pictures That Will Inspire You To Stay Active.

When is Global Running Day Celebrated?

As mentioned above, Global Running Day is commemorated on the first Wednesday in June. The celebration first began in 2016 and was commemorated on June 1. Global Running Day 2021 will be observed on June 3.

Significance of Global Running Day

One of the most important things about running as a sport is its accessibility to one and all. While there are multiple things like the kind of shoes, activewear, etc., it is never compulsory. The fact that anyone and everyone can enjoy this sport to the fullest is one of the key reasons for the widespread love that running has received.

Celebrations of Global Running Day

Global Running Day celebrations usually involve organising grand running events, marathons, etc. However, the celebrations are bound to be different this year, owing to the continued spread of COVID-19. While running solo still continues to be practised by many across the world, the celebrations will mainly be revolving around individual runs that are nonetheless liberating and fun.

Here’s hoping that this Global Running Day, you find the time and opportunity to hit the road, while maintaining safe social distance, and go on that much-needed run. Happy Global Running Day 2021!

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