Go Skateboarding Day 2022: List Of Famous Skateboarders With Top Quotes, Images, Posters, Messages, and Slogans To Celebrate

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Every year on June 21st, dedicated skaters mark their calendars for Go Skateboarding Day!

Around the world, retailers, sponsorships, parks, and individuals hold events that showcase this irreverent and innovative culture. Skateboarding is a mix of speed, movement, and art that has evolved in an urban environment. It also bridges cultural differences and appeals to a wide range of people. Skaters amaze their audience by testing the theory of gravity with a range of ariels and flips.

Skateboarding has evolved and progressed since the 1950s. The sport blossomed from humble beginnings in California with customized surfboards to become a global craze. Skateboards began as shorter dinghies with wheels added. Skaters have been capable of developing more complex and bigger tricks as a result of each update since then.

Famous Skateboarders

Danny Way — This international skateboarder from California gets dressed up. Check out his daring stunts like leaping from aircraft in 1997 and leaping over the Wall Of China in 2008. (2005).

Lizzie Armanto – Like other athletes, Armanto attributes her success to her mother. Her list of firsts is long, with one of the most notable being becoming the first woman to finish Tony Hawk’s 360-loop ramp.

Eric Koston is a musician from the United States. Koston began skateboarding at the age of 11 and has never turned back. He started pro in 1992 and continues to be an encouragement to many future skaters today.

Mike McGill (Mike McGill) – McGill is deserving of distinction as a part of the Skating Hall of Fame. He also invented the McTwist, which is a 540° reversed mute grabbing aerial.

Ways To Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

One of the effective methods to commemorate the occasion is to demonstrate your abilities. While you’re doing that, make sure to teach another skateboarder the etiquette. Invite everyone else to gatherings where they can perfect their skills as you encourage others who are growing theirs. You can also host the event or attend one in your area. There are a variety of other methods to commemorate the day, including:

Improve your skateboarding skills by learning new tricks.
Upgrade your board by going to your favorite retailer.
Participate in a skateboarding contest.
Contribute to the creation of a skating rink in your neighborhood.
Make a video on skateboarding.
Take a look at a skateboarding movie.

Top Quotes, Images, Posters, Messages, Slogans To Celebrate

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