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Gokul Election Result: Finally after 25 years, Mahadik lost in Gokul Dudh Sangh, dominated by the Patil-Mushrif group

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Gokul Election Result: The election result of Kolhapur District Gokul Dudh Sangh has been announced. The Mahadik, which is in power in this year’s elections, has been hit hard. Defeating the Mahadik group, Satej Patil, and Hasan Mushrif group have gained dominance. From the very beginning of the counting of votes, it was seen that the candidates of the Patil-Mushrif group had taken the lead.

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Gokul Dudh Sangh has finally become independent. The ruling Mahadik group has been overthrown by the opposition. By a margin of 17-4, the opposition has won the Gokul Dudh Sangh election. 17 candidates from the opposition have won the election. Only four candidates from the ruling Mahadik faction have won.

The voting process for Kolhapur District Gokul Dudh Sangh was held on May 2. Members had cast their votes with great enthusiasm. Counting began at 8 a.m. today. Candidates from the ruling Mahadik faction were in the fray under the Shahu panel, while the Shahu farmers’ panel was formed from the opposition faction.

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Mahadik of the Opposition won by 346 votes while Satej Patil won by 436 votes. This was a big blow to the ruling group. At the same time, other candidates from the opposition were in the lead from the beginning.

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