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Viral Google Doc Sheet: YouTuber ImAllexx In Trouble After Ex-Girlfriend Alice Hez Accused Him Of Physical Abuse

Well-known YouTuber ImAllexx with over 2 million subscribers found himself in big trouble after his ex-girlfriend, Alice, accused him of physically and emotionally abusing her, as well as destroying her property.

She also released several videos and audio logs of their interactions in a Google Doc which have gone viral on social media platforms like Twitter, and Reddit.

YouTuber ImAllexx Accused of Abuse and Property Destruction by Ex-Girlfriend Alice Hez

Alice, in her story, said that ImAllexx smashed her property, physically assaulted her, and even called her a “whre,” “psycho,” “n,” and several other derogatory terms.

One of the videos shows the couple involved in a heated argument on a Discord call, and ImAllexx can be heard threatening Alice physically.

“I’m gonna fing bash your head against a wall with a brick if you don’t shut the f up,” he said.

In another video, it can be seen that Alice is shoving her phone in her pocket but left the recording on. It looked as if she was packing her things to leave. She further claimed that ImAllexx had kicked her just before the start of the recording.

 “You don’t try and fix any of your f*ing problems. It’s f*ing infuriating at this point. Like, earlier, you’re miserable about something, all you have to do is say what it is. You’re complaining that I don’t clean up after myself? N*, neither do you.”

In yet another video, ImAllexx is shouting expletives and calls her a dog, saying she “f***ed everything up.”

 “When it’s too f*ing late, you admit that you did everything f*ing wrong. But when it matters, when you should lay down like a good f*ing dog, you don’t f*ing do it. You fight for some reason; I don’t know why you fight. Because you’re losing, because you’ll end up admitting you f***ed it all up anyways.”

Alice also claimed that her former boyfriend had destroyed her possessions like her monitors, camera, and keyboard when she was leaving.

Alice claims that some of her belongings were destroyed when she picked them up after moving out, along with pictures of her monitors. She also said that Alex hated her and had made life very difficult for her.

Alex said in other calls and messages that he “hated” her, that she made his life much more difficult, and that he had a general distrust of both her and some of his other friends.

However, Alex started pleading with Alice once she decided to break up and continued to send messages for days without a response, as depicted in a screen recording from Alice’s phone.

 One message said:

“Here to apologize again, I’m sorry,”

“I’m upset and I miss you. And I want everything to be normal. I will do everything to get you back starting today.”

Near the end of her statement, Alice had this to say:

“There’s so much more I could talk about, but I don’t want to relive it any longer. This was an awful, toxic relationship. I should’ve left just two months in to know and find out the kind of person he is, but that’s what happens when a narcissist meets an empath, they feed off of it. I had communicated my best, made him aware of what made me uncomfortable, and it wasn’t listened to.”

Alice also said that she accepted her faults and had once slapped Alex because she felt threatened. She ended by saying that she did not reveal all the evidence for legal and obvious reasons but said that it would be released over time.

Alice Heseldine (Hez) is the ex-girlfriend of Alex, aka “ImAllexx,” and was born on August 21, 2002, in England.

She began dating her ex-boyfriend ImAllexx in 2023 and is a streamer and internet personality.

She has around 70.3k followers on her Instagram.

She describes herself as a gaming creator and cosplayer.

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