Google Fired 250 More Employees, Labor Turnover Results in Mass Protests in Zurich

Zurich: Google employees in Zurich, 250 in number left their workplaces in outrage and in support of others who had been let go by the firm globally. The corporation is being urged not to make any more layoffs of the staff. Google’s parent firm Alphabet announced intentions to fire 12,000 workers worldwide in mid-January.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic scenario the percentage of labor turnover has increased tremendously. Various big corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have been constantly terminating the contracts of their employees in recent times.

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Although vulnerable workers working in the company in Canada and the US have indeed received notification, it is still unknown how many will be let go in other countries. The Zurich protest is a demonstration of opposition to these huge layoffs and support for coworkers who’s job was previously terminated in the company.

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