Google is going to change the design of search results on mobile, better experience and faster speed

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Google Search on Mobile Get Redesign: Search giant Google is going to make some changes in the design of its mobile. In this upcoming change, search results will be seen better and users will be able to easily access their favorite content. Google has shared this information in its own blog post.

Google designer Aileen Cheng said that the purpose of introducing the new format is to bring users’ attention to search content. With this new design, users will be able to access their favorite information easily and quickly. In the new design, search results will be found more quickly than in the present time.

The size of the text can be big, the designer has used large and bold text, so that people can quickly see the content. Apart from this, the size of section titles has also been increased so that users can get good search experience. For this, the company can also add new fonts.

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The size of the picture can be large Google has changed the visual space in the upcoming search result so that the user can see the text as well as the large size of the photo while searching. The company claims that the reading experience of such users will be better. Also, the company has used the muted tone, which will not mislead the users and their attention will only get to the information.

In the Rounded box under the new update, the results searched on mobile will be shown in the rounded design. This design can be seen better when you see a picture in the search result. This update will be released soon but the company has not yet officially announced it.

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