Google may discontinue its service in Australia, payment law is being made for news content publishing #GooglemayCloseinAustralia

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The long-running dispute between Google and the Government of Australia is now increasing. The Australian government is going to bring a law under which Google and Facebook must pay Australian publishers when they publish news content. Google is opposing this. Google has given the ultimatum to the Australian government that it can disable its search engine in Australia, that is, it can stop its service there.

Google says that if it was forced to pay money to local publishers for news, it would shut down its search engine in Australia. Let me tell you that a big problem can arise due to this. In Australia, 95 percent of internet searches are done on Google.

Facebook also raised objections

Along with Google, Facebook has also been targeted under this law. Facebook has also opposed this law. Facebook says that if such a law is introduced, it may prohibit posting news of Australia.

Google largest search engine

Google is the world’s largest search engine and countries all over the world are pressurizing the company to pay. In Australia, 95 percent of internet searches are done through Google. At the same time, France has already implemented copyright law on its content and Google has to pay for it.

Google to Pay for Copyright

Google threat

Google has threatened the Australian government to discontinue the service at a time when it has already agreed to a content payment deal with a French news publisher. Let me tell you that when the controversy started, Peter Lewis, director of the Australia Institute Center for Responsible Technology, said that this threat from Google is nothing for those who believe in the values ​​of democracy.

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What does the Australian government say

Australia’s parliament will consider the world’s first law to be implemented on Google and Facebook from 15 February. A major Senate committee has recommended the passage of the bill in this regard on Friday. The Australian government says it expects all parties to take a positive stand for the commercial agreement.

The government says that the local media industry, which includes Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Sydney Morning Herald-publisher Nine Entertainment Company, has been hit by revenue from advertising by veteran tech companies such as Google and Facebook and for news content The correct payment should be made.

What if Google stops the service

If Google and the Australian government do not reach an agreement, then Google will stop its service in the country. The Australian government cannot ignore the interests of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and other publishers. However, if such a situation comes that Google disables its search engine in Australia then Australia will not be the first Google free country in the world. China, the world’s most populous country, does not have Google. In China, it works through the Baidu search engine.

In such a situation, Australia will also have to create a Google option, which is not very easy for it. However, Daniel Angus, Associate Professor of Digital Communication at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, has said that it will not be possible to compete with Google through Bing. He has said that after Google has disabled the service, the search for another option for Internet search will become extremely important.

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