Google Pixel Watch design leaks online after prototype found in a restaurant

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American tech giant Google is going to host its annual I/O Event next month on May 12. In this event, the company is expected to launch its long-time awaited Google Pixel Watch.

Rumors about the long-time awaited google device have going on for a long time. Recently some leaked reports had uncovered Google Pixel Watch’s special features, and now the whole look of the watch has surfaced online.

Google Pixel Watch

As per Android Central, Recently Google Pixel Watch was found in a restaurant in the United Kingdom and was obtained by a person who uploaded its images online.

As seen in the image, it indicates that the band of this watch can be changed, and the watch will work on wireless charging.

According to the leaked news, there is no operating system fibbing on the watch. The watch box reads that this device has not been tested for compliance with EU regulations…it is only for internal testing and development.

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Google Pixel Watch Rumored Specs

If we take a look at its rumored features, some trackers have been revealed from the renders, which include heart rate monitoring, Maps integration, and a step counter. The feature list will also include sleep apnea detection, SPO2 (oxygenation) tracking, heartbeat alert, sleep analysis, recovery time monitoring, pairing medical devices, stress tracking, gym equipment, and calorie tracking.

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