Government advises on CCTV security and urges ministries to avoid brands with data leaks

The government has issued an advisory warning about the threat of information leakage through CCTV cameras. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology advised ministries and departments to avoid purchasing equipment from brands with a history of security breaches. The move comes after cybersecurity incidents related to surveillance cameras were noticed.

In the advisory issued on March 11, the government highlighted concerns about data security, privacy breaches, hacking, and cyber attacks associated with CCTV systems. Various ministries and departments expressed worries about security implications and hardware testing of such devices. MeitY urged adherence to public procurement guidelines, including the Make in India order of 2017 and the compulsory registration order of 2021.

The advisory emphasizes the importance of safeguarding the overall security and integrity of CCTV cameras and IoT devices. It acknowledges the benefits of surveillance technologies but also warns about risks. The government aims to ensure that procurement practices align with measures to mitigate security threats and protect sensitive information.


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