Government extends deadline for submission of R&D proposals for Green Hydrogen Mission

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has extended the deadline for submission of R&D proposals under the National Green Hydrogen Mission to 27th April 2024. The call for proposals issued on 16th March 2024 is receiving a positive response, with stakeholders requesting more time for submission.

The R&D Scheme, with a total budgetary outlay of Rs 400 crores till the financial year 2025-26, supports all components of the Green Hydrogen value chain. R&D projects will be goal-oriented, time-bound, and encourage innovative MSMEs and startups working on indigenous technology development.

The scheme aims to make the production, storage, transportation, and utilization of green hydrogen more affordable and improve the efficiency, safety, and reliability of technologies in the green hydrogen value chain. It also fosters partnerships among industry, academia, and government to establish an innovation ecosystem for Green Hydrogen technologies.

Additionally, the National Green Hydrogen Mission, launched on 4th January 2023 with Rs. 19,744 crores allocated up to the financial year 2029-30, will help in scaling up and commercializing Green Hydrogen technologies by providing necessary policy and regulatory support.

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy is focused on advancing green hydrogen technologies to contribute to a sustainable future. The extension of the deadline for R&D proposals under the National Green Hydrogen Mission shows the government’s commitment to promoting innovation and collaboration in the renewable energy sector.


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