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Greta Toolkit case: Nikita Jacob gets relief from a court, arrest halted for three weeks #BOMBAYHIGHCOURT

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Nikita Jacob, an accused in the anti-India toolkit case of Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, has received relief from the Bombay High Court in support of the ongoing peasant movement in the country in opposition to agricultural laws. The Mumbai High Court has stayed Nikita’s arrest for three days on Wednesday.

Who is Nikita Jacob

Nikita deleted her Twitter account when there was a dispute. It is being claimed that he had introduced himself in his profile to be associated with the Bombay High Court lawyer, environmentalist and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). However, in the new profile, he has removed his connection with the Aam Aadmi Party. Twitter user Vijay Patel has claimed that Nikita prepared a document called Solidarity with Indian Farmers on January 30, 2021. It is claimed that he has also maintained an account on Instagram called News Infuse.

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Nikita has shared a link to a website on her Twitter profile. On this website he has stated in his introduction that he is a lawyer. At the same time, it continues to raise its voice on social justice and environmental protection issues. According to the website, Nikita wants to stand on the side of right but in the end she makes an unwanted mistake. She says about herself that anyone can easily influence her. Nikita says that she wants to become a writer, singer and voice artist. She also does photography and cooks.

Nikita, Shantanu prepared a ‘toolkit’

Amid the ruckus over the arrest of environmental activist Disha Ravi, Delhi Police on Monday alleged that Disha along with two other suspects Nikita Jacob and Shantanu had prepared a ‘toolkit’ related to the farmers’ demonstration and shared it on social media. Police claim that Disha sent a toolkit to environmental activist Greta Thunberg through the Telegram app.

Nikita Khalistan was involved in the meeting

Prem Nath, Joint Commissioner of Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police, claimed that Disha has deleted a WhatsApp group ready to disseminate the ‘toolkit’. He said Nikita and Shantanu had also attended a zoom meeting organized by the pro-Khalistan group Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF). Nikita was also one of the toolkit document editors. Disha, Shantanu and Nikita prepared the toolkit and edited it. Disha sent toolkit to Greta via Telegram app. Also, Disha also deleted a WhatsApp group that was created to spread the toolkit.

Dhaliwal held a meeting with Zoom

PJF’s MO Dhaliwal, who is associated with the Khalistani organization, contacted Nikita Jacob through his colleague Puneet, who lives in Canada. On January 11, a meeting was held through Google Zoom, in which around 70 people including Disha, Nikita, Shantanu and Dhaliwal participated. It was decided that the atmosphere of the country should be spoiled through the farmer movement. After this the toolkit was prepared by Google document. Later it was also posted on social media. After 26 January, Sweden’s environmental activist Greta Thunberg shared the toolkit at the direction of.

The accused destroyed evidence

On February 4, when the matter came to cognizance, the accused started destroying its evidence. Disha deleted the WhatsApp group but the police slowly gathered evidence against them. Police have collected digital footprints associated with the case. It also includes an e-mail from Shantanu, referring to the toolkit. After collecting all the information, the police took permission to search the house of lawyer Nikita by profession on February 9. On 11 February, a team reached Nikita’s home in Mumbai. Police recovered two laptops and an iPhone from there.

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