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Guar price increased by Rs 4450 in a day, sold by Rs 11700/Quintal in Sirsa

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The price of guar is once again seen crossing the normal level. There has been a tremendous jump of Rs 4450 in the Sirsa Grain Market within a day. It was sold in the market on Wednesday at a price of Rs 11700 per quintal. Whereas on Tuesday, it was sold at a price of Rs 7250 per quintal. The rising price of guar remains a matter of discussion. The main reasons for the increase in prices are said to be fewer arrivals, an increase in futures trading and a weak crop. If this trend continues till the arrival of the new crop, then the farmers will benefit.

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Crowd is gathering on bidding in Mandis

There is a discussion about the bidding of guar in the grain market. The artisans are seen talking about the guar price from morning till evening. As soon as the bidding starts in the market. There is also a crowd of farmers inside the market. Many farmers are coming to the mandi to see the bid, not bringing the guar crop. The arrival of guar in the grain market is decreasing very less. At present, only about 300 to 400 quintals of guar are being procured daily. Many people are also stocking by buying guar from the grain market.

The price had gone above 33 thousand rupees

The price of guar crop had gone up to more than 30 thousand rupees about seven years ago. Many people became millionaires that time. But after this, all the people who sowed and bought more guar crops suffered losses because the price of guar fell down in the next season itself. Guar sold for less than Rs 4000 in previous years. There has been a tremendous upsurge for the last 20 days now. After so many years, there has been a boom in the guar crop again. It is expected to increase further.

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These have been the prices of guar in the last few days

August 17: Rs 4768
August 18: Rs 4850
August 19: Rs 5100
August 20: Rs 5225
August 21: Rs 5601
22 August: Sunday
August 23: Rs 5840
August 24: Rs 7250
August 25: Rs 11700

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