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A quick guide to casino chip types and systems

The first few things that come to your mind when you think of casino chips are games like poker, blackjack, or roulette. These small discs are perhaps t…



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The first few things that come to your mind when you think of casino chips are games like poker, blackjack, or roulette. These small discs are perhaps the most iconic symbol of the gambling industry. No matter where you play, there will always be chips available. 

To give a good idea of where they came from, how diverse they are, and what they are used for, we have compiled a guide for both new and old players below:


Modern casinos widely use chips as tokens for exchange. Real money is converted into these small discs that have values attached to them. In most cases, these chips are not considered to be valid currencies outside of a casino but they are very much prized by collectors and fans alike. 


In history, these chips were meant to keep track of scores in card games like Quadrille and Ombre. They were made in different colors, not to symbolize any monetary value but rather for player ownership. Poker was a popular game in the 20th century but players would often use any small object that held some degree of value. 

High-rollers back then would use small nuggets of gold or pieces of jewelry. Others sought to create small discs out of ivory, animal bone, and even clay. This innovation was a stepping stone in the use of modern-day chips. Despite the steady growth of online platforms, the genuine experience is still survived by ​live casino game​s ​as an attempt to please fans of both types of gambling.

What are the main types of casino chips

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The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw a rise in the demand for clay poker chips after which designs were brought up for production. The most common colors were white, black, red, and blue but any other shades were also favored by the majority. 

Today, the specifications also vary and they depend on the casino you choose to play in. Owners would have their own brand of chips to help players and stakeholders easily identify from which casino they came from. 

1. Composite

These kinds of chips can be found in almost every casino. One of the things that make composite chips highly favored by owners is the material. The surface easily supports graphics and designs. Their widespread use and popularity gradually degraded their value over time.


2. Clay 

If you are into classic and timeless casino gaming, you might want to opt for clay chips over anything else. Massive casino empires make use of these sophisticated discs for their quality. Many people don’t know that the process of creating a clay chip is quite intensive. 

The cost of making a single chip adds a lot of value to it, which is why many major casinos around the world prefer to use them instead of the other types. 

3. Plastic

These chips are the most generic of all types. They don’t cost a lot to produce and certainly are affordable in stores. Plastic chips are great for home games or any activity in a casual setting. Casinos don’t use these chips but even with the little value they have, they still make great tokens for casual play. 


Their role in the casino industry

As mentioned above, casino chips were originally used to help keep track of scores in certain games. They eventually evolved into a valid medium of exchange within the premises of a casino. Chips were designed to be easy to tally. Their color and size are uniformed to guide security in verifying amounts to be settled by players. 

Depending on the country you are in, casino chip values vary. Some high-value chips can be valued hundreds and thousands of dollars. They are all subject to the specifications of the Gaming Control Board to deliver consistency in the industry. 

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Be aware that colors may be standard across countries but they may have different values. For example, blue chips in Las Vegas are only worth a dollar while other cities use them for $10. Countries in Europe also have a standard color scheme but they also very often use plaques in place of chips. 

The gaming landscape has changed and the casino industry has taken vital steps towards making gambling a lot more convenient for players around the world. There is one downside to this innovation, however, and that is the casino chips to be used online are not physically present. 

They retain their respective values virtually but the physical absence sort of strips authenticity from the overall casino gaming experience. More than not, online casino chips can be earned and withdrawn as winnings. They essentially work the same as they do in land-based casinos.


Online gaming offers players more payment options and a massive range of games as well. Due to the cash flow being made more simple and accessible, players might have to find sites that use virtual casino chips. Not all platforms support this feature but you don’t have to worry about missing out on the fun. 

Live casino games often make use of them, especially since there is a dealer who is filmed​     real-time from a specific location. Live poker, for example, is quite popular and is meant to be a bridge between the convenience of online gaming and the genuine experience that brick-and-mortar casinos offer. Casino chips add a lift to the overall vibe and their value remains intact even with this huge shift. 

Chip collecting is also quite a sensation among fans all over the world. Experts are able to identify their value, age, and material with just a quick assessment. These chips are often traded among other enthusiasts and the activity is widely known to be an offshoot of coin collecting. 


Some chips may have little to no value outside the casino they came from but they nonetheless prove to be worthy pieces of novelty to those who find the system fascinating.

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