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Guide To Maximize Selling Price Of Your Unwanted Mobile Phone

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You might be considering selling your old or unwanted mobile phone. Perhaps, you want to upgrade your current smartphone. Or maybe you wish to sell unwanted phones lying there in your cupboard. Regardless of the reason, you certainly need to be wary while making a deal to gain the highest possible price from it.

So, we are going to apprise you of some essential steps and procedures to sell unwanted phones. Besides, we will list several options for dealing with the right online peer-to-peer platforms and websites. These will increase your chances of getting the highest possible value. Let’s dive into it.

Box along with Bill & Accessories

To be precise, you should always have the authentic box and other accessories like a charger, earphone, data cable, and other paperwork. Besides, some websites or even buyers need the product to be re-boxed. This will make your old device look more genuine and inviting. Hence, giving you more money.

In brief: Keep the box and accessories ready. Always pack it similar to original boxing.

Apply New Screen Guard

Particularly, there are two angles here. First, apply a decent quality screen guard as soon as you buy a phone. It will ensure safety and maintain the charm of your original screen for a long time. Leaving your screen bare with no screen guard will eventually result in ugly scratches and the potential threat of breaking.

Second, prior to showing the phone to potential buyers, apply any new screen guard on your old phone. This will make it more appealing.

In brief: Always use a screen guard. Apply a new one before showcasing it for selling.

Mobile phone Case

For the physical protection of your phone, the phone’s case becomes the foremost priority. It might cover your phone and decrease the aesthetic appeal by covering the sleek and gradient design. Conversely, it will protect it from the probable dents and scratches resulting from rough handling or accidental falls. Hence, it will definitely bump up the selling value.

In brief: Start using your phone with a protective cover, right when it comes out of the box.

Cleanliness is significant

The cleanliness of the phone proves to be very effective in increasing its selling value. Doesn’t matter you sell it through any online platform or to an interested local buyer, you will always receive more selling price of the device that looks neat.

Showcasing the mobile phone as new as possible to the buyer when they check it out always proves to be beneficial. The first impression has to be appreciable in order to attain the desired value.

In brief: Thoroughly clean box, included accessories, and the phone itself with a damp cloth. Be careful, don’t use an excessively wet cloth.

Repair Broken Screen

The buyers don’t prefer purchasing a device if at first glance it looks old or damaged. The broken screen is the vital part on which the eyes go while assessing any mobile device. Hence, the screen becomes the crucial factor in getting the higher selling value for your unwanted phones. No need to go for a premium one, just go for any screen with a lower price.

In brief: Fix your phone’s cracked screen prior to selling it.

Useful Selling options

There are various websites like eBay and Amazon Marketplace. Log in or create an account and post advertisements on these. You can add a clear picture of the device, give details and offer a price.

You can also use various Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Create a post there to increase the exposure to potential customers.

Also, your local shops and retailers are another option where you can get the desired price. Sometimes, these guys have customers that pay a much higher price as compared to the market or online platforms and buyers.

Compare the offered prices and go for the best one.


Wrapping up, now you have a brief knowledge of different methods you can follow during the selling process. Consider every one of them and implement as per your convenience. Thus, you would gain a higher price than you might have earlier.

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