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Gujarat AAP Chief detained during protests against Kejriwal’s arrest




Gujarat AAP Chief detained amid protests against Kejriwal's arrest

Gujarat AAP Chief Isudan Gadhvi detained by police in Ahmedabad

On Friday, Gujarat AAP Chief Isudan Gadhvi was detained by police in Ahmedabad after AAP workers staged a protest against the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal. The protest was in response to what the workers called a “politically” motivated action by the authorities.

According to AAP member, Karan Barot, “There were around 300 AAP workers in the Sardarbaug area in Ahmedabad. We were there to protest against the injustice towards Kejriwal. This is when the police buses came and detained not just Isudan but over 100 other workers. We were peacefully protesting but they asked the members to get into the police buses and took them away.”


The arrest of Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP National Convener, on Thursday in an excise policy case, led to the protest by AAP workers in Ahmedabad. The police response to the protest resulted in the detention of several protestors, including Gujarat AAP Chief Isudan Gadhvi.

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