Fact Check: Is The Viral Video of Haitian Cannibal Gang Boss Jimmy ‘Barbeque’ Chérizier Eating Human Flesh Real?

Viewer discretion advised: This content contains graphic depictions of violence and cannibalism related to gang activities in Haiti.

Germany and the United States have withdrawn their staff from Haiti as the gang violence exacerbates and escalates in the Caribbean nation.

In the wake of this, a video has surfaced on the internet of disturbing nature. A “Cannibal” gang member can be spotted in the video eating human body parts.

The post by X user @dom_lucre, that shared the visuals read,

“Disturbing footage of the Haitian cannibal gang eating body parts of one of their victims as he cooks in the fire.”

The gang leader in the video can be spotted chewing fingers. Later he proceeded to a burning leg of a body and tore the flesh.

However, a user on social media platform has informed that the current video that has gone viral is two years old incident.

Times Now asserted that the incident is true, but the video has no connection with the recent condition of the Caribbean nation.

A netizen stated on X,

“It turns out that this video is from 2 years ago of a battle between the Gran Grif and Ti Mepri gangs in the Artibonite Valley.”

The viral video showcasing ‘Barbeque,’ Haiti’s notorious gang leader is from the time when he paved his way to become “the most powerful man in the Caribbean nation.”

About the Gang Leader ‘Barbeque’ and his Motive

‘Barbeque’ is the leader of the Family gang and G9. His real name is Jimmy Chérizier. Allegedly, the 47-year-old got the name ‘Barbeque’ as he set his targets on fire.

The gang violence in the Caribbean nation escalated when a series of planned and coordinated attacks took place across Port-au-Prince, the capital, reported Daily Star.

The gang ‘G9 and Family’ proclaimed that they initiated the attack. Moreover, they aimed to capture the government authorities and police officials.

The gang wanted to ensure the blockage of the return of Ariel Henry, the Prime Minister.

When the violence occurred, Ariel Henry, the Prime Minister was in Kenya.

Thus, he is unable to return to Haiti and is currently stuck in the Dominican Republic.

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