Hamburg, Germany Shooting: Cops and The Suspect Sustained Injuries in Gunfire Exchange in Altona District

A violent shooting incident has been reported in Hamburg, Germany. The incident took place on Sunday, May 12. A person opened fire on cops on duty, reported The Mirror.

This incident escalated in the Altona district as a standoff between the police officials and the active shooter. According to multiple local media reports, a higher chance prevails of multiple shooters getting involved in the shooting incident. 

The suspect who opened fire at the police reached the sixth floor of a building. A huge police presence could be spotted in the area as the suspect came into the picture. 

The police officials who were chasing the suspect got involved in an intense gunfire exchange. As the information and reports of numerous officials being shot and injured spread, the German city was put under high alert, initiating the emergency services’ response. 

The Suspect Was Shot

Police officials were at the location with heavy weapons. However, the operations in a part of the city’s Altona neighborhood were also blocked off.

The Mirror reported that “this shooting is reported to have continued with several screams heard.”

The place where the shooting took place earlier was surrounded by police officers. Moreover, the building was also encircled entirely by the officials. 

Times Now reported that the police overpowered the suspect. Initiatives were taken to formally apprehend the suspect. 

However, before the formal arrest, a gunfire exchange took place. The suspect was shot by German police officials in the gunfire exchange. 

Until now, the information about the extent and type of injuries sustained by both the police and the suspect has not been made public. 

In the wake of this, a thorough investigation has been launched. The authorities will share a detailed report and statement on the case soon.

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