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🐹Hamster Kombat Daily Combo and Cipher July 11, 2024

Hamster Kombat, a globally viral crypto game known for its innovative play-to-earn model, has once again launched its daily Cipher Challenge. This game is not just about entertainment; it also allows participants to earn valuable in-game rewards.

What Exactly is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is an engaging online game that operates as a clicker game within the Telegram app. It stands out due to its unique feature that allows players to earn cryptocurrency while playing. The game incorporates a layer of strategy through rare characters and a variety of achievements that players can unlock.

Today’s Special: The Cipher Challenge for July 11, 2024

Today’s main attraction in Hamster Kombat is the Daily Cipher, which revolves around the Morse code for the word “WHALE”. Successfully cracking this code can win players 1,000,000 coins in the game.

How to Decode Today’s Cipher?

For those ready to join today’s challenge, here’s how they can decode the cipher:

  1. Open Hamster Kombat and navigate to the “Daily Cipher” section within the game.
  2. As part of the challenge, you will interact with a virtual hamster to enter Morse code. Here is the correct sequence you must input:
  • For the letter W: Enter, – – (dot dash dash)
  • For the letter H: Enter, …. (dot dot dot dot)
  • For the letter A: Enter, .- (dot dash)
  • For the letter L: Enter, .-.. (dot dash dot dot)
  • For the letter E: Enter, . (dot)

Today’s task is to enter this sequence correctly to decode the word “____”. Players who do this are awarded great prizes, making their gaming experience even better. So, dive into Hamster Combat today, decode Morse and get your rewards!

Hamster Kombat Daily Combo and Cipher
Hamster Kombat Daily Combo and Cipher

Hamster Kombat crosses 250 Million Players

Hamster Kombat has attracted 250 million players and garnered significant attention, including from Telegram CEO Pavel Durov.

Launched on The Open Network (TON) three months ago, the game is set to introduce its own cryptocurrency, the $HMSTR token, with an anticipated token generation event (TGE) in July.

Despite its popularity, details about the game’s revenue model and mechanics are still unknown, although a whitepaper is expected soon.

Recently, crypto exchange Bybit listed $HMSTR for pre-market trading, leading to a dramatic surge in its value.

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