Happy Birthday Anthony Mackie: 7 Best Movies and TV Shows of the ‘New Captain America’

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Movie star Anthony Mackie is a very well-known personality in the entertainment industry. In the semi-biographical theatrics “8 Mile”, Mackie made his theatrical debut. He was subsequently designated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Actor for his effectiveness in the LGBT narrative “Brother to Brother”. The same year, Anthony Mackie also starred in the murder mystery “The Manchurian Candidate” and indeed the popcorn flick “Million Dollar Baby”. Mackie was born on September 23, 1978, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. This year on his birthday Anthony Mackie is turning, 44.

Happy Birthday Anthony Mackie: 7 Best Movies and TV Shows of the ‘New Captain America’

1. ‘Black Mirror’

Numerous people struggle with the deceptive impacts of cutting-edge science on their personal affairs and behavioral patterns in an enigmatically dismal tomorrow.

2. ‘Avengers’

Whenever Loki puts the planet Earth in danger, Nick Fury is forced to start the Avengers Initiative. The characters in his team collaborated to complete the assignment.

3. ‘Captain America Series’

The year is 1941, and conflict is raging over the globe. Steve Rogers aspires to serve his country by joining the army, but the navy turns him down due to his little size. Steve ultimately receives his opportunity when he enrols in an initial study that transforms him into Captain America, a supersoldier.

4. ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Falcon and the Winter Soldier are an odd couple who join forces for a worldwide expedition that will put their forbearance and endurance abilities to the strain.

5. ‘Outside the Wire’

While attempting to thwart a nuclear strike, Harp, a quadcopter operator, and Leo, an artificial super-soldier, encounter many obstacles.

6. ‘The Banker’

Inspired by two true people, “The Banker” Jackson and Mackie play Texas-born Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, two black entrepreneurs who hire a white working-class guy to represent their property investment and financial enterprise.

7. ‘Real Steel’

When massive, gigantic machines seized over the cage fight, prizefighter Charlie Kenton missed his opportunity to win a crown. Charlie now makes low-end combatants out of scrap iron while functioning as a part-time organizer, scarcely making enough money to move from one subterranean location to another.

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