Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo: 21 Interesting Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

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Today is the 36th Birthday of Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo, a great footballer from Portugal who has shown himself at a very young age and has established himself among the world’s great footballers. Ronaldo’s father was a gardener and he hails from a small town, but what did anyone know that this player would one day rule the hearts of millions of hearts. If noticed, crores of football fans are his fans. Today we have brought 21 interesting facts about Cristiano Ronaldo. Hope you like it.

1. Very few people will know that Ronaldo’s full name is ‘Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro’. Which is named after former US President Ronald Reagan.

2. Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985, but looking at his fitness and anatomy, you must have once thought that he will be 20-22 years of age.

3. Ronaldo’s father named “Jose Dennis Aviro” and was a government gardener.

4. Ronaldo’s father died at the age of 52 due to excessive alcohol consumption, which is why Ronaldo does not consume alcohol.

5. You can guess from Ronaldo’s family background that after the death of Ronaldo’s father, his mother used to take care of cooks and cleaners with others to maintain the family.

6. Ronaldo loved football since childhood. After coming back from school at the age of just 11, he would often lie to his mother and go out to play football.

7. Ronaldo played the first match of his career at the age of 17 for Sporting Lisbon Club in Portugal.

8. This match was played between Sporting and United. Recognizing Ronaldo’s skills and joining United.

9. By seeing the talent of this child by the club, he had paid a sum of 17 million dollars.

10. Ronaldo’s jersey number is 7, which is why millions of people consider this number lucky.

11. Today Ronaldo is considered to be the best footballer in the world, from former champions to defending champions.

12. One more fun to tell you about Ronaldo is that he used to run very fast due to his lack of weight, which was not good for his game, due to which he increased his weight by gym.

13. Ronaldo’s Free Kike has a speed of about 130 km/h.

14. He is the most expensive player in the world.

15. This great football player is also angry, it can be gauged that at the age of 14, he threw chair on Teacher, because of which he was expelled from school.

16. Ronaldo can also be called “Danveer”. He got cancer treatment for a 9-year-old child and often he also keeps doing social work like blood donation etc.

17. You will be surprised to hear that when Ronaldo jumps, at that time he exerts five times more power than a leopard.

18. Ronaldo’s love for football can be gauged from the fact that he has had heart surgery once at the age of 15, but despite this, he made his career in the sport like football.

19. Ronaldo has scored more than 650 goals so far.

20. Ronaldo’s annual earnings are around 2.1 Crores EUR.

21. Ronaldo has so far received FIFPro World Player of the Year, UEFA Best Player in Europe Award, World Soccer Player of the Year, GSA Best Player of the Year, Bravo Award, CNID Best Portuguese Athlete Abroad, European Golden Shoe, IFFHS World, s Best Top Goal Scorer, IFFHS World, s Best Top Division Scorer etc. have received many awards.

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