Happy Diwali 2021 Gujarati Quotes, Wishes, HD Images, Messages, and Greetings to Share

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Happy Diwali 2021: Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated by Hindus in India. It is called Diwali or Diwali because it is a special festival of lights. The meaning of Deepawali is a row of lamps. This festival decorated with rows of lamps is called Deepawali. The festival of Diwali is being celebrated on Thursday, November 4. On this day Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman returned to their birthplace Ayodhya after successfully completing their 14 years of exile. And in the joy of his arrival, the people of Ayodhya celebrated Diwali in their kingdom. At the same time, since then this festival is celebrated every year in our country. Celebrated on the new moon of Kartik month, this great festival illuminates the dark night with the light of innumerable lamps. According to the Hindu calendar, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped after sunset on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. This puja is performed for the attainment of wealth and healthy life.

On this day, Rangoli is also made for the movement of Lakshmi Ji in homes, and Lakshmi aarti is performed for the worship of Lakshmi Ji. Ganesh Aarti is performed to worship Lord Ganesha. On this auspicious occasion, idols of Ganesh Ji, Lakshmi Ji, Ram Ji, etc. are bought in the markets. There is a lot of activity in the markets. On this occasion, people buy new clothes, utensils, sweets, etc. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped by Hindus as traders open new accounts on Diwali. Also, people believe that this beautiful festival brings wealth, prosperity, and success to all.

As Diwali is being celebrated on 04 November. People are exchanging wishes and greetings with their near and dear ones. Thousands of people are searching on google for Happy Diwali Quotes, Wishes, HD Images, Messages, and Greetings. To fill up your need, here we are with some of the best Happy Diwali 2021 Gujarati Quotes, Wishes, HD Images, Messages, and Greetings to Share. These Best Happy Diwali 2021 Gujarati Quotes, Wishes, HD Images, Messages, and Greetings to Share are worth sending to your loved ones to greet them with a pleased Diwali.

Happy Diwali 2021 Gujarati Quotes, Wishes, HD Images, Messages, and Greetings to Share

Light a lamp of love. Blast a chain of sorrow. Shoot a rocket of prosperity. Fire a flowerpot of happiness. Wish you and your family a sparkling Diwali.

Happy Diwali

May Lord Rama bless you with the best virtues of life and endow you with success. Happy Diwali 2021!

May these fireworks burn away all our troubles, problems, and sorrows, and may these light up our life with happiness, joy, and peace this wonderful Diwali.

Happy Diwali Gujarati Wishes

May millions of lamps illuminate your life with joy, prosperity, health, and wealth forever. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali.

Let this Diwali burn all your bad times and enter you in good times. Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali Gujarati Quotes

Let’s celebrate the festival in the true sense by spreading joy and light up the world of others. Have a happy and safe Diwali 2021. 

Diyas are God’s way of telling you that there will always be a light to drive away darkness…May the light of diyas spread joy to your life…Happy Diwali

Shine like sparkles, glow like candles, and burn all the negativity like crackers. Wish you a happy and cheerful Diwali!

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