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Happy Halloween Wishes and Images 2021: Quotes, Greetings, Messages to Share on Halloween Day

Happy Halloween Wishes and Images 2021: Halloween is a festival celebrated in Western countries. Everyone prepares for this festival in their own style. It is a day for children to get chocolates from neighbors and relatives, while elders pray for the peace of their ancestors’ souls on this day. Happy Halloween Wishes 2021: Whatsapp Status Videos to Download

People usually dress in beautiful clothes at the festival, but this festival is somewhat different. On this day, people drive and make a scary appearance. Makeup is done like spirits and ghosts. The clothes are also chosen according to this theme. Halloween Costume Ideas 2021: Get up your kids with these interesting costumes

Here We Came up With Happy Halloween Wishes and Images 2021, Quotes, Greetings, Messages to Share on Halloween Day 2021 with Your Relatives.

Halloween Wishes and Images

halloween custumes ideas 2020
halloween custumes ideas 2020
halloween custumes ideas 2021

_I saw an evil is searching for you this night… so don’t  dare to sleep tight.

_Come in this haunted house… and have a spookiest party in your life.

_Mind every time you move through the dark alleys the monsters are approaching for you…

_Witches are soaring in the sky…cauldron is on the high flame… black cats  are crossing the roads before you… mind its Halloween night…


_Be aware… be afraid this evening, its Halloween.

_Pumpkin monster wants your head… happy Halloween petty human.

_I want to taste your blood and check whether you are sweet! Halloween greetings!

_Knock! knock! Devil is awaiting at your door… He is  going to tear you… then will devour you.

_I want your body parts to be served at my plate… I will also love some sauce on it… greetings from monster!

_Be afraid this year… devil is approaching.

_Something is hiding behind your door… don’t dare to see him… have a spooky Halloween

_Wish you a good night full of dreary sounds.

_Eat sleep and haunt at night…. Halloween greetings  from a witch!

_Pumpkin devil wish to see your skeleton… so be alert and wait for  him.

_I want to savour your liver this evening.

_Skeletons are dancing in the graveyard… come here and have a nice party evening… fresh vampire-sucked blood will also be there as drink.

_Have a blood sucking holiday evening!

_Enjoy the fright night this year on Halloween.

_Skeletons are revealing themselves removing the gravestone on them… feed them with fresh blood and human flesh! Have a nice Halloween.

Why We Celebrate Halloween?

People of the Celtic race in Europe believed that at this time the souls of dead people come and interview the worldly beings. They used to think that the souls of their forefathers would come to the earth, which would make their harvest easier. That is why they used to be witches and wore animals, their skin, their heads and danced around the bonfire. He believed that there is no specific supreme natural power. It was considered ‘All Saints-Day’-All Hallows (holy) or Hallows Eve, which gradually became Halloween.

In America, it is also associated with the harvesting of pumpkin. At this time pumpkins are found in abundance and big, which can be easily cut. On the front side, on this front, fearfully cutting the mouth, keep a burning candle in the middle. In the memory of the old century, they are kept in the dark on the frame of the house. It is called Jack-O-lanterns.

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