Harbin Winter Games: A gateway to new development opportunities in Asia

A hotel in Harbin, China, is gearing up for the 9th Asian Winter Games in 2025, expecting a surge in guests. The event will take place from February 7 to 14 and will bring new opportunities for development in the city known for its ice and snow attractions.

Located near the venue for the upcoming Games, the hotel is concerned about meeting the demands of guests from all over the world. With the popularity of ice and snow sports on the rise, the city is preparing for an influx of visitors during the event.

Visitors like Sun Miao are already excited about the Games, with many exploring the ice and snow attractions in Harbin. The previous hosting of the Asian Winter Games in 1996 helped boost the city’s tourism industry, and the upcoming event is expected to have a similar impact.

Industry experts believe that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics paved the way for increased participation in ice and snow sports, and the Asian Winter Games will further accelerate the development of these activities in Harbin. The city is seeing new development in various sectors, including hotels, catering, and tourism, creating job opportunities for locals.

As preparations for the 9th Asian Winter Games continue, Harbin is poised to capitalize on the event to further establish itself as a top destination for ice and snow sports enthusiasts. The city’s commitment to enhancing its facilities and promoting winter tourism is expected to attract even more visitors in the coming years.


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