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11 Hardik Pandya Hairstyles to Try this Summer 2023

Hardik Pandya Hairstyles– The famous cricketer is known for his different trendy hairstyles. Listed below are some of the best Hardik Pandya hairstyles that you can rock this season. Keep scrolling- 

Top 11 Hardik Pandya hairstyles

1. Long spikes

Hardik Pandya Hairstyle
Image Courtesy: @hardikpandya93/Instagram

Since the start of his career, he constantly experimented with hairstyles. He loves to opt for spiked long hair. He has been rocking the hairstyle since he was a fresh face in the profession. 

2. Highlighted Hair

Hardik Pandya Hairstyles
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Hardik Pandya added blonde light highlights as he started getting famous. Men in his age tend to experiment with their hairstyle. Out of all, his highlighted hairstyle got popular among his fans. 

3. Half-Head Haircut

Hardik Pandya IPL 2017
Image Courtesy: BCCI-IPL

He is known for his unique and trendy hair looks. Sometimes his hairstyle can tell what is going on in his head. His half-head haircut once again caught everyone’s attention. 

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4. Buzz cut with long back hair

Hardik Pandya Buzzcut
Image Courtesy: @hardikpandya93/Instagram

He has rocked Buzzcut multiple times in his own classy way. Every time Buzzcut comes in the pictures, Hardik Pandya is the first thing that comes to our mind. 

5. Short Spiked Haircut

Short Spiked Haircut
Image Courtesy: @hardikpandya93/Instagram

If you are a true fan of him, you must have rocked short spiked hair at least once in your life. The hairstyle is from the 2000s fashion era and is still in the game. 

6. Bald

Bald Hardik Pandya
Image Courtesy: ESPNcricinfo

He has gone completely bald and still managed to catch everyone’s attention. Bald is not everyone’s game. A personality like his can rock this look effortlessly. 

7. Side-Fade Pompadour

Hardik Pandya Hairstyles
Image Courtesy: @hardikpandya93/Instagram

The official haircut of Gen-Z. Hardik carried the look in style like a pro. Because of him, the haircut got into the mainstream and many guys started to go for this kind of hair look. Just fade your sides well while keeping the top a bit long. Stylish and easy to maintain. 

8. Messy Hair With a Full Beard

Messy Hair With a Full Beard
Image Courtesy: @hardikpandya93/Instagram

One of the most popular Hardik Pandya hairstyles, messy hair with a full beard. You can never go wrong with his look. You can rock this look at any time of the year. 

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9. Blue Highlights

Blue Highlights
Image Courtesy: DNA India

Hardik continued to experiment with his hair. One time he added blue highlights. If you like to go for such vibrant trends, try this hairstyle. 

10. Textured spikes

Textured spikes
Image Courtesy: @hardikpandya93/Instagram

Aalim Hakim is the mastermind behind most of his looks. He knows his personality well and knows what goes well on his face and hair texture. He loves to experiment with his spiked hair. It keeps his polished and refined. 

11. Long Hair 

Image Courtesy: @hardikpandya93/Instagram

One time he opted for long bleached hair. He went for silver-fox hair colt that suited him perfectly. This look is quite risky so talk to your barber before going for this look. 

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