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Haryana Boxers Secure 19 Medals at Sub Junior Nationals




Sub Jr Nationals: Haryana boxers confirm 19 medals

In the 3rd Sub Junior National Championship at the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida, 19 Haryana boxers have secured a spot in the semifinals, guaranteeing themselves medals. With 10 medals in the girls’ section and 9 in the boys’, Haryana is dominating the tournament.

In the girls’ section, Bhoomi (35kg) and Nischal Sharma (37kg) started the day with impressive wins. Bhoomi’s bout ended with the referee stopping the contest in round three, while Nischal secured a thrilling 3-2 victory. Other Haryana boxers like Diksha, Diya, Sukhreet, and Manshi Malik also clinched wins with unanimous decisions.

Rakhi (43kg) and Navya (55kg) won their bouts with RSC decisions, while Khushika (49kg) and Naitik (52kg) also progressed into the semifinals. In the boys’ category, Uday Singh, Nitin, Ravi Sihag, Naman, Siddhant, and Kartik Dagar won their quarterfinal bouts with 5-0 decisions.


Additionally, Sanchit Jayani, Lakshay, and Anmol Dahiya from Haryana made it to the semifinals with impressive wins. Uttarakhand’s six pugilists entered the boys’ semifinals, while eight girls from Delhi confirmed medals in their quarterfinal bouts. The finals are set to take place on Monday.

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