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Havana syndrome in India

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After a CIA officer reported symptoms of the illness matching to Havana syndrome after he visited New Delhi, there is speculation of Havana syndrome in India.

According to CNN and NYT reports The US officer was part of CIA director William Burns’ delegation and received medical aid during his stay in India.

US Vice-President Kamala Harris’s delayed her visit to Vietnam after many US officers reported Havana syndrome symptoms.

Havana syndrome was first reported in 2016 by USA diplomats from their embassy in Havana (Cuba). During 2016 major symptoms were psychogenic symptoms like headache, memory loss, sensitivity to sound, eye movement dysfunction, ear pain, Tinnitus, and brain abnormalities.

 Again in 2017 and 2018, many American diplomats in Cuba and China had similar symptoms where experts suspected it as a Havana syndrome. 

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What is Havana syndrome? 

Symptoms Of Havana Syndrome

Hearing a sudden loud noise with pain in one or both ears, feeling pressurized or vibrations in the head, inner ear vestibular damage, Tinnitus Visual problems like sensitivity to light and no signs of visual impairment in the test, Vertigo Cognitive difficulties, Persistent dizziness Headache, Nausea, Fatigue, Memory loss, brain fog, trouble walking, Insomnia, Confusion, Disorientation, Difficulty in concentrating Brain abnormalities.

Causes of Havana Syndrome

According to one theory by intelligence officials Havana Syndrome is used as a weapon by some countries to target embassies and diplomats of other countries. When they attack any officials with the mysterious syndrome they utilize their illness time to collect data from smartphones or laptops. However, there is no proof for these theories and so far they are just speculations.

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How it is treated?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are done with affected individuals to find the paler tissue of the brain and spinal cord infection. This test also shows that Havana syndrome is a disorder involving non-specific and unfathomable changes in brain activity and structure.

The disease is also treated with art therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, and acupuncture. 

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