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Healthy Winter Diet: These 7 things to eat on an empty stomach in winter, you will get tremendous benefits

Here we came up with ‘Healthy Winter Diet: These 7 things to eat on an empty stomach in winter, you will get tremendous benefits’ So read full article to know those things



Healthy Winter Diet: These 7 things to eat on an empty stomach in winter, you will get tremendous benefits

I always like to eat something hot in cold weather. Consumption of fried toasted things is also increased during this season, due to which many problems start in the stomach. Eating a few things on an empty stomach in winter gives a lot of benefits (Healthy Winter Diet). These things give energy throughout the day, keep the body warm and healthy as well as control weight. Let’s know about these 7 things.

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Lukewarm water and honey- In the cold weather, start your day with lukewarm water and honey. Honey is rich in minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and enzymes. These things keep the bowels clean. Mixing honey in lukewarm water and drinking it removes all toxins from the body. Apart from this, it is also considered very effective in weight loss.


Soaked Almonds (Bhege Badaam)- Manganese contains manganese, vitamin E, protein, fiber, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Almonds should always be soaked at night and eaten in the morning. Almond peel contains tannin which prevents the absorption of nutrients in the body. After soaking almonds, their peels are easily removed. In addition to nourishing almonds, it also keeps the body warm.

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Dry fruits- Eating a handful of dried fruits before breakfast keeps the stomach right. This not only improves digestion but also helps in normalizing the pH level of the stomach. Include raisins, almonds and pistachios in your daily diet. Keep in mind that do not eat them in excess or else it can cause rashes on the body.


Oatmeal- Nothing can be better than oatmeal. If you want to eat less calories and full of nutrients then eat oatmeal. It removes toxins from the body and keeps the intestines healthy. Eating oatmeal does not cause hunger for a long time and keeps weight under control.

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Papaya- In addition to keeping the intestine healthy, papaya removes many stomach problems. Papaya is considered superfood for eating on an empty stomach. Papaya is found in every season and everywhere. You can easily eat it in your breakfast. It reduces cholesterol, cures heart diseases and also reduces weight.


Soaked walnuts- Soaking walnuts like almonds is beneficial. Start your day by eating soaked walnuts at night. Soaked walnuts have more nutrients than dry. Soak 2-5 walnuts at night and wake up in the morning and eat it on an empty stomach.