Henry Winkler vs Tom Hanks: “Happy Days” Star Opens Up About Decades-Long Dispute

A recent episode of the “How To Fail” podcast has invaded the media headlines as Henry Winkler candidly shared his “longstanding” altercation with Tom Hanks.

Their feud originated during the shoot of the 1989 film Turner and Hooch. Winkler was the director of the movie. 

Winkler unveiled that the duo could not establish a supportive professional relationship when he showed friendly emotions to a dog on set. 

Winkler also recounted the instances that created tensions to prevail between the two actors. Thus, later it culminated in a heated scene. 

Due to exacerbating disagreements, Winkler was removed from his job. 

Henry Winkler Opens About His Feud With Tom Hanks

On the podcast, Henry Winkler who is quite famous for “Happy Days” additionally unveiled that he dedicated months together to preparing for the project in question. 

In spite of his dedicated preparation, the directorial role of the movie was snatched away from him and given to Roger Spottiswoode. 

Tom Hanks starred in the movie along with the same dog with whom Winkler had developed a personal connection on set. 

The 78-year-old actor said,

“I knew this dog. This slobbery mastiff and I became friends. The star did not become my friend.”

The actor added,

“We were in Carmel, this little wonderful little seaside town on the coast of California, looking for a location, and a woman comes, honest to God, comes running out of a shop and says ‘Henry, Fonz! Oh, my God!’ and I say, ‘And, of course, you know Tom Hanks.”

Thirteen days following his dismissal from his director role, the director of photography approached him and expressed his trust. The latter also stated that the outcome was inevitable.

Winkler made a statement in 1993 to People Magazine saying, “Let’s just say I got along better with Hooch than I did with Turner.”

Tom Hanks reportedly has never spoken publicly about his alleged altercation with Winkler.

The duo also shared the screen in 1982 in one of the episodes of Happy Days. Tom Hanks played the role of a disgruntled classmate while Henry was given the role of Fonzie.

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