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Here Is How much will Rebekah Vardy have to pay In The Wagatha Christie Case If Coleen Rooney Loses The Trial

Rebekah Vardy, the spouse of England footballer Jamie Vardy, reportedly got defeated by her libel action involving Wayne Rooney’s spouse Coleen as the “Wagatha Christie” lawsuit trial concluded on Friday (July 29).

The two couples engaged in a protracted legal dispute when Rooney wrote on Ig in 2019 that “It’s Rebekah Vardy’s account,” but the lengthy controversy involving the two former Captains’ wives was ultimately resolved.”

The Commissioner eventually concluded that Vardy collaborated with Rooney’s agent, Caroline Watt, to give the Sun access to Rooney’s Ig and to notify reporters.

The court did not think that Caroline Watts’ cellphone falling into the Arctic Ocean, just days ever since a formal application was made to look up the Whatsapp communications, was an awful tragedy.

How did the Footballers and their Partners interact?

Rebekah objected to the accusations made against her by the wife of the Manchester United star. Moreover, Rooney was unwilling to retract them, leading Vardy to initiate a lawsuit in June 2020.

The Total Cost

As per the latest reports from the Guardian, Rebekah Vardy was left with such a cost of over 3 million Euros. This happened as a result of the “Wagatha Christie” case.

What did Rebekah say Following Her Defeat?

Following Coleen’s article, she along with her family, and even her expectant unborn baby, became the targets of repulsive comments and obscene abuse, which have persisted during the prosecution, as she detailed in her testimony. She informed the guardian that the case was concluded.

She is incredibly saddened and dismayed by the judge’s choice. She had not anticipated this outcome and did not think it was fair. She filed this lawsuit to clear her name, and the judge’s decision crushed her.

The judge agreed that it’s not in the “interest of the public” to publish Coleen’s blog, and she also disregarded Coleen’s assertion because she expressed herself as the “Secret Wag.”

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