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Here is how PM Modi traveled extensively in the US before entering active politics

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an exclusive interview with Newsweek, shared insights about his extensive travels across the United States of America even before he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. With a keen interest in exploring different states, PM Modi revealed that he had visited 29 states of the USA.

According to the Prime Minister, his association with the Indian diaspora dates back to his pre-political days when he engaged in social work. He mentioned using the services of Delta Airlines to avail ‘unlimited monthly discounts’ during his travels and often flew with Indian community members to strengthen connections with the diaspora.

PM Modi expressed gratitude towards the Indian diaspora for their significant role in promoting India’s global presence. He praised their success, calling them ‘our ambassadors across the world’. Notably, PM Modi became the second Prime Minister after Indira Gandhi to feature on the cover of Newsweek, a prestigious global news magazine.

Reflecting on his travel experiences, PM Modi highlighted his meticulous planning and the assistance he received from the Indian diaspora in exploring various locations. He shared that he would take red-eye flights, opt for longer flights to avoid hotel stays, and spend entire days with the community members to observe and understand them closely.

The Prime Minister’s insights shed light on the crucial role played by the Indian diaspora in enhancing India’s reputation on the global stage. With his long-standing association with the diaspora, PM Modi emphasized the significance of their success in establishing India as a prominent player in the international arena.


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