Here’s What Man Holding Gas Pump In The Station Meme Is All About

The man holding a gas pump is all over the internet currently, and it has gone viral. For the first few hours since the meme went viral, no one understood what it was all about, and it was very difficult to figure it out.

Man Holding Gas Pump In The Station Meme Meaning

The image seemed very basic; however, when the main image was given and posted, a man holding the gas fuel pump was shown there, and his bottom part was censored, so it gave us a hint that something weird must be going on down there.

Memes started being made out of that picture, which includes the note assigned one, even petrol pumps inserted on their gas pumps that should be inserted into the mouth, rectum, or any other body part to be applied.

The main post was deleted which did give us the benefit of the doubt. However, later it was found out that the picture included a man putting his private part inside the gas pump which gave him some sensation or a feeling that he liked.

This meme is also getting traversed and connected to the liberal man memes, where they suggest that liberal men can get their sexual satisfaction through a gas pump. The gas pump and the man holding it is kind of a vulgar meme, but it’s all over the internet now.

If the background and the reason behind it are not known, the meme might seem baseless or something that makes no sense whatsoever.

The meme is also associated with the highest gas prices. People are comparing the fact that just because some of us cannot afford too much gas right now, all they do is get satisfaction out of the gas pump handle and enjoy it. This picture has become the central of loads of memes online currently and people are thoroughly enjoying it.

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