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Here’s What ‘Tiny Portion’ TikTok Trend Is All About



Here's What 'Tiny Portion' TikTok Trend Is All About

The ‘tiny portion’ food trend on TikTok is giving rise to green flags and red flags as per the judgment of viewers online. So here it goes. TikTok is filled with trends and most of the time these are full of songs and dorky dances which people get to hop on.

But there’s another aspect of TikTok where people create content out of their relationships; sometimes they show the good side while sometimes they educate people on how to battle through the bad times of a relationship.

‘Tiny Portion’ TikTok Trend Meaning

Similarly, one of the relationship trends is now going viral. Sometime back, the orange peel theory was all over the internet where if your partner peels oranges for you without asking them, it means they love you. You can check out our take on that trend here.


The ‘Tiny Portion’ trend is somewhat similar to that. The trend is all over social media now.

Many creators who specialize in a couple of content are hopping on the trend, and the results are sometimes heartwarming and sometimes furious to the netizens online.

While serving food to your partner, you only have to take way less on your plate. If your partner notices that and offers you some food from theirs, or even asks you why you took less food, it means they care according to the creators and they are a red flag.


However, if your partner does not seem to care about your plate and the amount you serve yourself, it means they are too invested in themselves, and that radiates red flags from them according to netizens and creators online.

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This trend has sparked loads of debate online among netizens about partners’ behaviors and whether they should judge them based on the food on their plate. However, creators are continuing to make videos and amuse their fans through this trend.


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