Hidden home improvements that could transform your living space

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Home improvement ideas are not difficult to come across, but if you haven’t got the inclination or the budget to make common changes, such as knocking through walls, renovating your kitchen or adding new fixtures and fittings, then you will be forgiven for wondering what else you can do to improve the longevity and livability of your property.

This is particularly true if you have just bought a property with your eyes on renovating it, but want to start from the ground up with structural, rather than cosmetic, alterations. Indeed, while you might not be able to show off these more hidden home improvements to friends or notice the benefits every day, they will arguably make far more of a difference in the long term and even save you money on future bills. 

Here are a few hidden home improvements that could transform your living space:

Insulate your crawl space to minimize damp 

One of the most subtle yet potentially transformative changes you can make to your home is to insulate your crawl space. Insulating your crawl space will safeguard it from attracting damp over time, which has the potential to spread upwards into your home and cause major damage. 

Indeed, a damp problem can cost you a huge amount of money to get rid of (if you can get rid of it at all), so you should endeavor to do everything in your power to prevent it. Starting with your crawl space might seem inconsequential, but, due to its closeness to the ground, it is the first place that will attract moisture. 

Furthermore, once your crawl space is suffering from a damp problem, you may attract pests and vermin that thrive in such an environment. 

To learn more about insulating your crawl space, click here

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Convert wasted space into additional living areas

In order to improve your home, you need to adopt a mindset of maximization. This is to say, you need to look at each room critically, in order to ensure that every inch of your home is working as hard as it can.

This is particularly important if space is at a premium in your home. Maximizing wasted space is the key to unlocking the true potential of your property. 

These wasted spaces usually include easy targets like a loft, garage or basement, which are underused. Perhaps you only use your loft to store Christmas decorations and old furniture, or the garage is full of items you have discarded and forgotten about. 

While it is useful to have storage space, you should also consider converting these areas into additional living spaces. Whether it is turning your loft into a bedroom, the garage into a larger kitchen, or making the basement into a games room, the possibilities are endless.

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Fit smart software

Another hidden area to focus on when you are improving your home are the systems that are used most often – but are rarely thought about. These include the lighting system, the bath and showers, as well as the central heating. 

By controlling these processes using smart software, you can both make your home more comfortable to live in and save money on monthly bills. For example, the ability to turn lights off using your smartphone reduces the possibility of lights being left on, which will cut your energy bill. 

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