High-ranking US official to visit India, aims for heightened relationship ties

The United States is mending ties with India following recent issues, as Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell plans a visit to Delhi next week. Officials from the Biden administration are celebrating the bilateral relationship, which they say has reached “new heights”.

According to a senior Biden administration official, Campbell’s visit aims to “celebrate elements of our bilateral relationship, compare notes on the Indo-Pacific, and also talk about next steps in technology cooperation”. President Joe Biden considers efforts to strengthen ties with India as among his proudest achievements.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan emphasized the growing partnership between the US and India, noting advancements in technology and security cooperation. The engagement between the two countries is described as having “excelled” to a new level.

Campbell, in his new role as Deputy Secretary of State, is set to visit India for the first time. His visit signifies the importance of the US-India relationship, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region and within the Quad—comprising India, the US, Japan, and Australia—which has seen substantial growth under Biden’s administration.

However, recent tensions in the relationship, including remarks by US diplomats in Delhi and Washington DC, have caused disruptions. The Ministry of External Affairs in India summoned a US diplomat, leading to calls for fair legal processes and concerns over the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Despite these challenges, the core of the US-India relationship remains strong, as both countries continue to address issues and work towards further cooperation. The recent visit by Deputy Secretary of State Campbell signals a commitment to strengthening ties and advancing mutual interests.


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