The Top 5 Highest Paying Federal Careers

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There are at least 2.1 million civilian workers in the U.S. federal workforce. Learning about federal careers will help you find one that’s good for you.

Federal careers are jobs that involve working for the government. These jobs come with vacation time, sick leave, healthcare, and other amazing benefits. TCS will recruit 1,500 technical staff in the UK

You’ve worked hard to make it this far. You deserve to have a steady job with one of the strongest establishments in the United States.

Highest paying federal jobs out there

1. Program Manager

Program manager positions are available across most departments of the U.S. government. This includes everything from the Department of Energy to Border Protection. The job’s purpose is to help the government accomplish its long-term goals.

On average, program managers make more than $141,500 each year. However, you must be good at multi-tasking. It’s one of the federal government jobs that requires you to constantly work on multiple projects at once.

2. General Mathematician or Statistician

The U.S. government hires mathematicians and statisticians to take on projects from many different departments. For this reason, being a general mathematician or statistician are both viable federal government careers.

General mathematicians and statisticians make an average of $153,200 per year. These experts mainly conduct analyses of data, trends, and other matters that pertain to the government. You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree to be a candidate for these positions.

If you want to work for the FBI as a mathematician or statistician, you’ll have to undergo extra training. This training requires you to attend a prestigious academy in Quantico, Virginia.

3. Computer Scientist

Working in government involves using your skills to assist the government in achieving certain outcomes. If you excel at computer science, consider becoming a government computer scientist.

Government computer scientists generally make between $61,600 to $166,500 and up. The pay you receive depends on the complexity and severity of your work.

Your job could include developing software for government purposes. It could also involve accessing data to assist in federal court cases. Either way, there’s never a dull day with this job.

4. Auditor

Auditor positions are some of the most plentiful government jobs available. Auditors analyze perform audits of financial and performance information. There are tax auditors, but there are also those who audit government agencies, laboratories, universities, and more. 

As an auditor, you’ll make anywhere from $57,500 to $117,100. You’ll also need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or another relevant field to get hired.

5. Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist is a nurse who administers anesthesia to patients. Nurse Anesthetists are also known as CRNAs. CRNA for “certified registered nurse anesthetist”.

This government job is also one of the highest-paying nursing careers in the country. Nurse anesthetists make around $167,800 per year.

It’s time to make the most out of your skills and get a federal job

Explore the Federal Careers Available to You

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There are federal jobs available for people of different educational backgrounds. It’s a matter of finding what suits you the best.

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