13 Hot Voovi Web Series To Watch Online With Your Partner In 2023

A wide variety of genres, notably erotica, comedy, and drama, are available on the VOOVI app, a video streaming service. Below mentioned are the 10 best hot and sexy Voovi web series that you should check out because of their outstanding content quality and cast list. We’re sure you’d enjoy it!

13 Voovi Web Series:

1. Chaar Saheliya

A group of girlfriends Buchi, Champa, Chanda and Bachani are very close since childhood. Champa is all set to get married and is excited for her first night but her girlfriends are even more excited for her wedding night. 

2. Rangili Ragini

The web series is directed by SSK and features a stunning cast of Rakhi Sawant, Zaid Ahmad Khan and Mishti Basu. Rakhi’s sizzling sex appeal will keep you hooked to your TV screens. Watch what happens next. 

3. Dil Do

The web series shows a conservative village where sex is still considered taboo and people are a bit hesitant to openly discuss it. Soon a girl enters the scenes and starts talking about physical pleasures. 

4. ‘Pyar Idhar Udhar’

A love story with a dramatic turn when the husband falls in love with another woman while still being married. This story has a compelling mix of romance and drama, making it a must-watch.

5. ‘Siti Maar Sajanwa’

In Seeti Maar Sajanwa, a bus conductor has the bad habit of blowing his whistle even while asleep out of love for his job, which irritates his community and surroundings.

6. ‘Psycho Saiyan’

In this hot voovi web series, a husband with a rare form of mental disease forgets his wife every day and frequently confuses other ladies for her, which causes problems.

7. ‘Kitaab ka Raaz’

The plot revolves around a book that drastically affects the romantic relationships of two adolescent girls, bringing its themes to life. They must negotiate the significant issues brought up by this enigmatic book.

8. ‘Mardana Sasur’

A daughter-in-law gravitates towards her physically robust father-in-law and prefers his masculinity to that of her spouse. How will they handle this predicament?

9. ‘Rasili’

A laborer strategically weds his attractive bride, “Rasili,” in order to seduce the villagers and take advantage of them for money and other gains. How will he carry out his strategy?

10. ‘Gulabo’

Gulabo Chay wali and the townspeople are mesmerized by her tea shop. Young and old residents alike are keen to meet Gulabo, but she has her own requirements.

11. ‘Prem Game’

The web series centers on a couple who fall in love with someone else. The plot takes a turn when the husband discovers his wife with her boyfriend and decides to invite his own girlfriend over.

12. ‘ATM Bhabhi’

Opens with a group of young boys conversing at a tea shop in a village when it is under lockdown. The lads are fascinated by the ATM when Maina enters the room.

13. ‘Khuli Khidki’

In this hot voovi web series,s Meena, a young, attractive wife, struggles with a lack of passion in her union because of her husband’s physical limitations. Her two young sons, however, are constantly vying for her love and devotion.

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