Hotel Technology Trends: Upcoming Innovations for 2021

With many new technologies on the horizon, what can we expect from our trips a decade from now?

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The hotel industry has been faced with tremendous challenges in the past few years, including Covid-19, competition with services like Airbnb, and changing demand for business travel. Technology is playing a key role in keeping hotels competitive by making bookings and check-ins more convenient and providing a secure, reliable stay for their guests.

Following the coronavirus pandemic, guests are more cautious about the risks of staying in hotels. Hotel technology is innovating with physical tech like 4k security cameras, as well as digital tech like cybersecurity to protect their customer’s privacy.

Guest Convenience

Hotel services are becoming increasingly interconnected and convenient. Many now provide virtual tours of the potential rooms and amenities like pools. Room service and ordering from the hotel restaurant can often be done right from your own phone via an app. Check-ins and checkouts can be done automatically or nearly automatically, and some even allow you to use your own phone as the room key.

Guest Convenience

Keeping Hotel Environments Healthy

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way nearly every public-facing business functions, including hotels. This is apparent from the front desk, where an attendant ready to check you in is likely behind a plexiglass barrier, and ready to take your temperature. But hotels have the responsibility to clean very high-traffic areas, from their plexiglass partitions to the rooms that guests stay in.

To quickly clean entire rooms, hotels may employ fogging or fumigation to fill the entire space with antiviral disinfectant. They may use electrostatic sprayers to efficiently coat interior surfaces. They may also use UV light devices to cleanse surfaces, though these are much more difficult to deploy on the scale of entire rooms.

Companies that are opening new hotels during this period are further able to provide for the safety of their guests by building these checks into their key infrastructure.

Why Surveillance Matters

Surveillance is a key component of many modern businesses, but it’s often kept quiet to give the impression of privacy, especially in the hotel industry. But the fact is that many hotels are upgrading to 4K security cameras that have a surprising range of benefits for owners and staff.

Cameras are often concealed, but typically placed by the front desk, parking lot, hallways, pool, and bar or lounge areas. A range of interconnected features and alerts allow coordinators to deploy their staff to areas with the greatest concentration of guests, or places that need the most attention.

4K Security Cameras

4K cameras have far higher visual fidelity than standard HD cameras. They can easily be used to identify fine details like faces and license plates at great distances. Digital zoom can be used to recognize individual guests and ensure that they are following protocols such as wearing masks in order to keep everyone safe.

Secure transactions 

The identity and information of their guests are a vital security concern to hotels. Keeping guest information on file is part of what empowers easy check-ins and a tailored high-end experience, but it can also be a weak point for cybercriminals and malicious activity such as identity theft.

Digital gateways for booking and payment through credit cards or online checks are more secure than they’ve ever been before. Poor systems are not only vulnerable to cyber-attacks but also make for poor guest experiences.

The Future of Hotel Technology

Tough competition and ever-increasing standards of convenience and care continue to push hotels to be more accommodating and well-connected than ever before, and mostly in just the past decade. With many new technologies on the horizon, what can we expect from our trips a decade from now? Only time will tell.

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