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Houston Apartment Shooting: Man, Two Women Found Dead; Accused In Custody 

A Houston apartment shooting has invaded the media headlines as a man and two women were reportedly shot dead.

Houston police reported that the dead bodies were found on Saturday night in a Houston apartment complex.

According to Houston police, a Texas man was found at the scene. He claimed self-defense. However, Houston police say that the man is accused of the murder of three of his family members. 

Police officials informed that they responded at 3:17 p.m., on June 22, Saturday, to a home on Houston’s northwest side when they received a call from a tenant. 

At a news briefing, Assistant Chief Wyatt Martin said that during the call the accused shot three people. The accused claimed that the three people he shot broke into his apartment. 

Upon police officers’ arrival, the dead bodies of a man and two women were found at the crime spot. Martin added it seemed that all three people were shot to death by the use of a handgun.

About The Accused

According to Martin, the man who was found at the scene and was later taken into police custody was later identified as 27-year-old Bryan J. Fernandez Hernandez. 

According to KHOU, the Assistant Chief briefed the reporters that no evidence of forced entry could be found upon analyzing the crime spot. However, “that didn’t necessarily indicate a home invasion hadn’t taken place,” added Martin. 

According to Martin, previously police received calls related to mental health and had also responded to the apartment twice. 

According to a June 23 news release, it was revealed that all three dead people were the suspect’s family members, which was found upon investigation. 

However, until now, the exact relationship between the man and the alleged intruders has not been established by the police yet.

Thus, Bryan J. Fernandez Hernandez has charges against him for murdering a woman of ages 43 and 65 and another man of 38 years. 

Police added, “It was learned the older female family member lived in the apartment and the two other family members had been staying there and visiting for several days.”

The identities of the victims have not been made public by the officials yet. Moreover, the motive and reason behind the killings is also shrouded in mystery.

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