How Bitcoin Is Impacting the World of Gaming

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If there’s one industry that always embraces and helps to shape the latest technology, it’s the world of gaming. Since video games came to prominence in the late 1970s, the industry has constantly been progressing at breakneck speed, helping to bring gamers better and more fulfilling experiences. From the basic brilliance of the Atari 2600 that first allowed users to experience gaming in their own homes, to the modern-day marvel of being able to wear a VR headset that allows the wearer to disappear into a virtual world, the gaming industry has seen a lot of techs come and go.

Bitcoin is Here

One of the latest technologies that is now having an impact on gaming is Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has only been at the forefront of the public consciousness for the last few years, but it has already made a huge mark on society. Many people have seen it as a get-rich-quick scheme, as in the past few years investing in Bitcoin has allowed a lucky few to make large amounts of money. If you’re interested in becoming one of them, then make sure to read up on what are the top five reasons for investing in Bitcoin

Let’s take a quick look then, at a couple of the fascinating ways that Bitcoin is inspiring the gaming industry. 

Buying Gaming Goods

Gaming companies, on the whole, know their customers well, and some swiftly recognized that lots of people who are into video games, would also be into owning Bitcoin. It was a clever move then, for some big gaming brands to allow the cryptocurrency to be used to purchase their products. Microsoft are probably the largest company to do this, and they now fully accept Bitcoin on their online store. 

This can be used to buy anything on there, from PC and tablets, such as brand new machines with Windows 11 built in, to Xbox consoles and games with all the biggest titles being available. For example, such games as the exquisite driving simulation Forza Horizon 5 Deluxe Edition, and the sixth release in the first-person survival action series Far Cry.  

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Play Games With It

There are now games available where the whole point of playing is to try to earn some Bitcoin, for free. If this sounds too good to be true, then you need to learn about the play-to-earn model of games that are becoming a growing market in the industry, and are growing increasingly popular. Unfortunately, a lot of these games come tainted with them forcing players to invest a lot of money into the game, before they actually get to see any return. So, instead of being play-to-earn, it feels like a lot should instead be called pay-to-earn. 

However, one of the most well-received is Coin Hunt World, which is available for mobiles. Those who have played the smash-hit game Pokémon Go will feel right at home playing this game, as the styling and gameplay is extremely similar. Instead of hunting for rare Pokémon though, you’re tracking down cryptocurrency. Coin Hunt World is a geo-location game that has you represented on a virtual map by a blue marker, so when you move in real life, you will also move on the virtual map. There are several blue keys that are marked on the virtual map, and you must then move and visit these locations in real life to collect them. Once you’ve collected enough, the game will give you a quiz; answer these questions correctly, and boom, free bitcoins. It’s a great way to both stretch your legs, get some much-needed exercise in, and also earn some actual cryptocurrency. 

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It’s not only play-to-earn games though, as other versions of gaming have also warmly welcomed Bitcoin. This includes the world of online gambling, which now allows you to use cryptocurrency when playing casino games. One of the best websites for this is Vegas Slots Online, which provide fantastic Bitcoin casinos for users to enjoy. The listed casinos all offer deposits and withdrawals in BTC, whilst also providing a mesmerising gaming experience. If you’re not quite sure yet how it all works, then they’ve got you covered too, as there are useful guides that showcase exactly how gambling with Bitcoin works. 

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