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How Do Piles Affect Your Daily Life?

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Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are swollen veins that develop inside the anus. Piles vary in sizes and can be found inside or outside the anus. Piles are considered a serious disease. Sometimes surgical procedures are needed to remove piles. Generally, genetic factors are associated with piles. Experts believe that when one grows older, the risk of developing piles also increases.

Excessive abdominal pressure can cause the veins of the anal region to swell, which can later turn into piles. Obesity is also considered a big factor that contributes in the formation of piles. Diet is one of the most important factors that is always sidelined. Diet is an extremely important part of your life and an unhealthy diet can cause innumerable health issues and piles is just one of them.

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In most of the cases, you do not even realize that you are suffering piles. But there are certain symptoms that can help you in realizing the problem you are suffering from. Pain, itching, bleeding and inflammation in the anal area are common symptoms of piles. You may also notice lump or swelling in the affected area. Most of the people feel embarrassed talking about piles, which can lead to other serious problems. Untreated piles can blow up, get worse and the pain becomes unbearable with time.

Living with piles can significantly impact your daily life activities. Going to the toilet, travelling to work and surviving an entire day in the office can be challenging because of the constant pain, bleeding, itching, swelling, inflammation and discomfort. If you have lived with piles then you will be able to understand the struggle of dealing with what proctologists call a fairly common problem.

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Research suggests that almost 10 million people suffer from piles problems every year in India. It is a disease that is spreading exponentially due to stress, insomnia, constipation, and growing inclination towards fast foods, cold drinks in the sedentary lifestyle. Experts say that paying attention to small details in day to day life can help in reducing the symptoms of piles and prevent the condition from provoking. Piles affect your daily life terribly. Read below to know more about piles and their effect on your daily life.

You Can Not Sit For Long Hours

Your excess weight can worsen your piles condition. If you have a desk job and you spend most of your time sitting in front of the screen, it will only lead to chronic constipation. This will further lead to straining on the toilet sheet. Inactive life can put more pressure on the veins around your anal region. So you should not sit in one place for a long period of time. It can increase your pain and discomfort. Try to walk or jog for 30 minutes as they can help you get relief.

Lifting Heavy Weight Can Worsen Piles

Piles can stop you from gyming. If you are suffering from piles and still work out in the gym, it is a positive step. But you must make sure that you do not over do it and completely avoid lifting heavy weights. Because it will only put more pressure on your clot or external piles, which can aggravate your symptoms. Moderate exercise is the best thing to do until your symptoms start to subside.

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Persistent Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation occurs when you suppress the urge to go to the toilet. Constipation is the main reason for piles. The other extreme, diarrhea can also aggravate piles and worsen the symptoms. If you are suffering from loose motion or difficulties during bowel movements, evaluate your diet and increase the intake of water. Find out the causes of constipation and diarrhea and eliminate them from your diet. However, if they still persist, consult a physician as soon as possible.

Maintaining Hygiene Can Be Tough Task

Heat and humidity can worsen the piles. Hence, maintaining proper hygiene becomes quite essential and tedious. You should take shower daily and keep your anal area clean and dry as they prevent irritation and itching in the anal region. Use soft and soothing wipes handy after bowel movements. Wash your genital area with warm water thoroughly and then gently pat the area dry. You should avoid rubbing rough toilet papers or any cloth against your anal area as it may cause burning sensation. Also, switch to sanitary pads during the menstrual cycle. Sanitary pads specifically made for sensitive skin helps in avoiding rashes.  

Increasing Level Of Stress & Anxiety

Today, almost all jobs are highly demanding and stressful. Suffering from piles can increase the level of stress and anxiety. You should find an activity that can calm you down as well as de-stress you. This helps with chronic piles. To keep yourself mentally fit and fresh, find time to do the things that you like.

It Is Nightmare To Sit On Toilet Seat For Long

Going to the toilet becomes a nightmare during piles. You can not bear to spend more than 10-15 minutes maximum in the toilet. Straining on the pot causes more anal skin tags and bleeding. You lose track of time when you read the newspaper or scroll through various social media apps and put a lot of pressure on the blood vessels, which can make your condition worse.

You Can Not Use Scented Wet Wipes

You should be careful while buying wet wipes. It is advised to avoid wet wipes as most wet wipes are scented and contain irritants like alcohol, which can cause severe pain in the affected area. Opt sitz bath to keep your anal area clean and devoid of any fecal matter.

You May Feel The Urge To Scratch Again & Again

Itching in the anal region is a persistent problem during piles. You should avoid scratching your anal region as far as possible. Because doing so can only aggravate the condition. You would not want burning sensation in your anal region throughout the day. Talk to your doctor to prescribe topical ointments or gels to get rid of itching.

You Can Not Consume Too Much Coffee

Consumption of alcohol and coffee cause dehydration and irritate the stomach lining. Caffeine is known to be the main cause of constipation, so cutting down your caffeine consumption drastically will help you in reducing the symptoms.

Overuse Of Laxatives

Your doctor may prescribe stool softeners and laxatives that can help in getting some relief from piles symptoms. These syrups or tablets are usually meant to be taken for not more than one week. However, you may take these laxatives and make a habit of popping these tablets regularly. If you still feel constipated, go natural and switch to Isabgol for immediate relief. There are several effective home remedies for constipation, you can try them as well.

Laser Treatment Of Piles

In most of the cases, even after undergoing the traditional medical treatment for piles, the symptoms can still persist. The symptoms such as excessive pain, swelling and itching may persist even after making lifestyle and dietary changes. When no treatment options probe to be effective in treating piles, laser surgery is recommended by the doctor. Laser surgery is considered as the best and permanent treatment of piles. If you are tired of piles and their symptoms, opt laser surgery.   

Piles laser surgery is a daycare procedure where you can be discharged from the hospital on the same day after a few hours of your surgery. The surgeon cures piles with laser surgery. This is an effective, successful and very convenient option. There are various benefits of this modern and advanced treatment procedure. This includes:-

  • Almost no pain
  • Involves no cuts
  • Results no scars
  • Causes no wounds
  • Bloodless procedure
  • There are no stitches
  • No restriction on diet
  • Recovery is very quick
  • Least planning required
  • Zero chance of infection
  • 30-40 minutes procedure
  • Almost no chance of recurrence
  • Fewer chances of complications
  • Same day treatment and discharge
  • It does not require any medication 
  • Can resume daily work within 48 hours

The task of a surgeon also becomes less complicated with laser surgery. It is much safer and there are negligible chances of medical complications during or after the treatment. During the surgical procedure, the blood vessels are sealed off by the laser. That is why minimum or no bleeding is caused during the surgical procedure. Above all, piles laser surgery is a highly safe and successful procedure. To make your daily life smooth and comfortable, you should get your piles treated with laser surgery.

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