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How effective is Mailtrack Email Tracker for Gmail?



Mailtrack Email Tracker for Gmail

When it comes to the Email tracker then, it is obvious to have a good email service. Gmail has become first in this race as it is one of the secure and fast email services. Email tracking provides the power to build and maintain relationships in this competitive inbox environment. Mailtrack is the reliable tracker for Gmail service as it will provide reliable results to you.

How does Mailtrack work for Gmail?

Email tracking will alert you when an email you sent is clicked or opened. Email tracking software places an invisible images pixel in the emails which can detect the exact time and date an email has been opened by the recipient. Let’s move ahead with the facts of the Mailtrack Email tracker for Gmail in the detail.

There is an Add-on of Mailtrack ideal for Gmail. It is designed to extend the capability of email tracking of extension for desktop and phone devices as well. It is important to install the Mailtrack extension and when you are all set with the installation, go to Chrome Web Store. Do the same installation for extension too because you cannot track emails.


Send Traced Emails from Phone

Install Mailtrack Add-on for Gmail by using the “Install” option appears in the upper-right corner of the page

  • Now, install the extension for the same for desktop in the Chrome Web Store
  • Open the Gmail app on the Android or iPhone device
  • Click on Compose button to send a new message or send a reply as same as normally you do
  • Then, you have to click on the three vertical dots icon menu and choose Insert from Mailtrack
  • After that, select Track email and write and send the email as well

Check if Email has been clicked or opened

  • Go to the Gmail app on the Mobile phone on iPhone or Android
  • Open that message for which you have to see the tracking result
  • Scroll down to go to the bottom of the email
  • There you will see the logo of Mailtrack

Now, you have to tap on that logo. You will see the tracking information under the send and reply options for the add-on

Benefits added with Mail Tracker

There are a few major benefits of having Mailtracker for Gmail which we will discuss below.

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  • Provides Unique Insight

With the help of Mailtracker, you might have more than just precious detail about the contact’s engagement with the emails. Not only this, but you also can see the professional history, details about the company, Twitter feed, and social profiles. So this is the main benefit of using the Mailtrack software.

  • Saves Time

People commonly don’t want to get multiple follow-up messages when they didn’t even open the first one. Email tracking will also tell how interested your first email is for the recipient when they open it. If they didn’t open your first email, they might not be interested to open future emails. Hence, you can stop sending messages to them. By this, mail tracking of course saves time for both email recipients and for sales reputation as well.

Just like this, if you come to know that a recipient is clicking on the links which you have sent via email or even viewing an attached proposal or cover letter, it means they are noticing your email. Therefore you can send some more proposals or cover letters or even links which they are looking for.

Privacy of MailTrack Email tracker for Gmail

Privacy is the priority and by seeing this, email tracking is done by adding a tracking pixel that is invisible to the email body. Hence, it won’t be visible to your recipient. There are no such logos, labels, or signatures to tracked emails.

Let’s wrap up As you come to know the usage, benefits, and privacy of Mailtrack so from now onwards you can install it and track the response of your email message.