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How I Passed The NetApp NS0-526 Exam Dumps

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Data can be considered as one of the most precious belongings of a modern human being. Almost everybody in the world has something to do with data in one way or another. With the smartphone revolution, nearly everybody has some data to be used, managed, stored, and protected. That was about the individuals, now think about the businesses, data is like blood for them. Contemporary businesses practically revolve around data. Losing any data is a nightmare for a business. Data of an organization is vulnerable to both external and internal. Externally, there are cyber threats like hacking, malware, and viruses, and DDoS. Internally the data is at the risk of theft and hardware/software failures. To address the data security concerns businesses spend billions of dollars annually to make data secure. The infrastructure to protect and secure data involve both hardware and software. NetApp is mainly a data management company offering data management solutions for both cloud and on-premises platforms.

Last week I passed the NetApp NS0-526 Dumps . With success in this exam, I earned the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection Specialist credential. Let me share my experience regarding the exam with you. 

Before I begin, let me introduce myself. I am an IT professional working with an international bank. I am an IT graduate with eight years of professional experience. I have done CompTIA Network+, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, and NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) certifications. My present certification is the 4th professional credential I earned. 

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Before Starting The Preparation

Certification exams are a little different from academic exams, so the preparation of the exam is also a little bit different. Most of the certification exams are of technical nature and require a certain background or experience. The product-based exams are a step ahead. They require specific product-related knowledge and experience. In one sense they are easier, for those who are using the product at their workplace. They are already familiar with the product, at least from a user’s point of view. 

When I took my first certification exam, I was nervous and had many confusions but that’s not the case now. Now I know a lot about how things work with a certification exam. What I have learned so far is that many of the professional know a lot about the subject but are unable to understand the exam techniques.

Knowledge is one aspect of a certification exam, understanding the exam requirement is another. So it is equally important to learn how to prepare for and to take the certification exam. 

The first thing you need to understand is what’s this exam is all about. The exam contents are more specific than the subject or the product features. The best practice in this regard is to get the latest exam-objectives and exam-topics list from the actual exam vendor. The scope of the exam keeps changing with the updates and evolution in the relevant technologies, so the most updated stuff can only be found with the exam vendor. Once you have the updated exam outline you can decide about your training method and the time you require to cover everything. A clear timeframe is a must for preparation. Always make a deadline otherwise you won’t be able to make a consolidated effort. With a deadline, you can plan a daily timetable of the study as well as the periodic goals. I always set goals to make things regular.

Preparing For The Exam

There are two ways you can prepare for an exam, instructor-led or self-paced training. Instructor-led training is a little bit expensive and time-restricted so many people can’t opt for it. Self-paced is comparatively cheaper and flexible so mostly preferred by working professionals. I prefer the latter. I take the study material and prepare for the exam on my own. For the NS0-526 exam, I took the Crack4Sure package that included PDF guides and Testing Engine. I frequently take practice tests to evaluate my standings. The braindumps by Crack4Sure were of great help in this regard. I would suggest you consult previous exam questions to get yourself familiarize with the question pattern. It took me 6 weeks to complete the preparation before going for the exam. 

The Exam

The NS0-526 was a 90 minutes exam with 60 questions. Thankfully I was able to pass it on my first appearance to earn the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection specialist credential.

NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection

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Candidates for the NCIE-Data Protection Specialist must hold the NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) certification.

Candidates for the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection should have six to twelve months of expertise with NetApp ONTAP replication technology, data protection planning and implementation, backup and recovery software configuration, and backup and disaster recovery installations.

Exam Topics – NS0-526

  • NetApp Replication Technology
  • Planning Data Protection Implementation
  • Configuring Data Protection Software
  • Operating Data Protection Deployments
  • Implementation Guidelines


Data is one of the most critical assets of a modern business. Nowadays every business network has to get connected with external networks one way or another through the internet.  In the cloud computing model, you are always connected and your data is coming and going all the time. Business Data is vulnerable to both internal and external risks. To make data secure businesses invest a lot in security and data protection. Due to the growing reliance on data, Data security and data protection have become in-demand skills in the enterprise market. There are lots of jobs related to Data security and protection available in the job marketplace and the number is growing with each passing day.  NetApp is a major player in data management and the hybrid cloud market.

NetApp hybrid data solutions are considered to be one of the best in the enterprise market. To validate the skills of professionals relating to various NetApp products and solutions NetApp offers a comprehensive certification program. NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection is a specialist-level employment-oriented credential. NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) certification is a prerequisite for taking the exam NS0-526 to earn the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection credential. 

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